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The phenomenon of logistics outsourcing todayThis first part will be used initially to define what islogistics outsourcing, the different actors involved in this phenomenon,different types of services offered and present today on the market.1.1 Definition of outsourcingIn this paragraph, the outsourcing in general will be defined, then the caseparticular of logistics outsourcing, with the mostconcerned.1.1.1 Outsourcing1.1.1.1 Definition”Outsourcing is a service defined as the result of the integration of aset of basic services intended to entrust to a specialized service provider all or part ofof a “customer” company function within the framework of a multi-year contract, based onfixed, with a defined level of service and duration1″. It is a technique todissociate from outsourcing, since using outsourcingthe company, a modification of its scope of activity. Outsourcing is thereforein a “transfer of some or all of the activities of a firm to a contractorexternal specialized2”.Outsourcing can also be defined as the activity that “consists ofto procure from a provider a service that was previously provided by the servicesinternal of the company1”. The elements taken into account in this type of decision arevaried, since all sectors of the enterprise, for the most part, can beconcerned. Thus, economic, human and organizational criteriaaccounting, technical, etc … can be retained in the decision to resort, or not, tothe “outsourcing.Even more marked than for outsourcing, the decision to registerin a decision-making process must be long-term, for two reasons 2:? The duration of the preparation and implementation, as well as the commitment offinancial, technical and human resources? Outsourcing relies on a contractual cooperation between the twoparts.The implementation of an outsourcing strategy is therefore very complex and veryconsumer in terms of time, money and loss or acquisition of know-how.Using outsourcing also means trusting an outside company,with all that implies. This type of decision is therefore the fruit of a mature reflection;especially for large groups, where strategy and decision-making aremore centralized.

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