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The book, “Of Mice And Men,” is a story of 2 characters, Lennie and George, who have a strong friendship and both are moving from one place to another in California in hope for work on ranches. George is an uneducated but intelligent man and Lennie is a Big strong man but is mentally disabled. They both dream to one day own their own land, the dream is one of Lennie’s favorite stories, which George constantly retells to Lennie. They get hired at a farm, and both were angrily faced by Curley, the boss of the ranches son and soon he gave problems to Lennie and George. Curley’s wife was very Flirty and Lennie was instantly attracted to her which led to problems. After a while George starts getting comfortable leaving Lennie behind and one day Lennie accidentally kills his puppy while petting it and Curley’s wife entered and tried to speak with lennie. Lennie ended up getting frightened and he panic and killed Curley’s wife. Lennie runs away and meets George at the place they chose in case Lennie got in trouble and George retells the story of their dream then he shoots Lennie. In the book, “The Stranger,” Meursault learns of his mother’s death and at her funeral he expressed no emotions of grief.In the book, “Of Mice And Men,” the theme of loneliness is expressed throughout the book. In the book the boss of the ranch says, “Well, I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy. I just like to know what your interest is.”(Pg 45)  The boss is astonished by George and Lennie’s relationship. The boss had thought that they will always be together and won’t ever split up but eventually they will split up. Ultimately everyone will feel lonely at some point in their lives, either by losing someone or getting split apart from someone.In the book, “The Stranger,” the theme of morality is expressed throughout the book. In the book the magistrate judge says, “that was unthinkable… all men believe in God, even those who reject him.” (Camus 86) He had accepted the view of society and that there are only 1 set of righteous morals. He thinks that whatever the view from society is there will always be truth concerning the distinction between right and wrong.

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