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The Two Types of Inspiration

What is
inspiration? Inspiration is a source of positive energy that helps a
person to constantly do something new, create and feel good about it. Very
often, a burst of inspiration is similar to enlightenment, especially when it
is associated with the solution of a difficult problem. You spend hours
(and maybe even days) thinking about it, and then at some point the individual
parts of the puzzle are formed into a single whole, and an understanding of the
right question comes to you instantly.

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We need inspiration
at every level of our life- it can be needed to clean your home, or to start
new business or to make presentation. The source of inspiration can be

There are
two types of inspirations- Active and passive inspiration.

1-    Active inspiration

Active inspiration is creating your own ideas, making your own decisions and
learning from your own mistakes. You analyze yourself and your goals and decide
what you want for yourself. You imagine yourself successful and that inspires
you to do something great with yourself.

2-    Passive inspiration

When you fell inspired by watching inspirational movie, videos or
documentary or you read some inspirational articles. This inspiration does not
have long term effect; it is just for a moment. You just feel inspired by
listening to the stories of other people.

Rather talking about inspiration all day, use ideas and strategies of
others in your goals to achieve success. Ones your ideas will be successful;
you will feel more inspired and motivated.

How to find your source of inspiration?

1-    Try everything. At a minimum, in
order to find out which of the above is the one that suits you the most, you
should try it all. Fall in love, communicate with people, walk in the
woods, travel – any of these options can become your personal inspiration.

2-    Look for a positive. Positive
emotions are more inspiring than negative emotions, so try to look at life
optimistically: find the pros in trouble, know how to rejoice in the small and
expect from life all the best.

Be open to new
experiences. You never know what inspires you to new
achievements. Therefore, try not to give up the changes, even though
sometimes they are very uncomfortable. Go to new places, meet new people,
choose unusual colors for new things – all this brings energy to your life.

 Do things that you love to do, don’t involve
yourself in the business that does not give you pleasure or satisfaction.


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