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The gaming community is believed to be
made up of 1.2 billion players worldwide. This has caused concern over the
possibility of gamers becoming addicted to video games. In 2011, the Korean
Congress passed a law known as the Cinderella Act making internet addiction in
the same category as drugs and alcohol. The Cinderella Act prohibits children
under 16 from accessing the internet after midnight. The Korean Congress can do
this by utilizing their citizen’s
national identification numbers that are required to access the web. Gamers
found political representation in congressman Byung Jun Hun. He led a campaign
that represented gamers against the Cinderella Act. Despite their efforts 25%
of gamers will be sent to rehabilitation facilities sponsored by the
government. These facilities have been documented implementing magnetic shock
therapy to “cure” their patients. Matt Shea the host of a VICE documentary described
it as if someone struck his bones with a tuning fork. Dr. Lee Jae Won a
neuropsychiatrist stated that “teenagers are more vulnerable to the dangers,
and the chances of addiction are much higher.” The final stage of treatment involves
the patient watching a series of video games to determine how long “they can
endure without getting the urge to game.” Internet addiction treatment “is not
about avoiding the internet as a whole, it’s more about a patient being able to
control their use of the internet like a normal person.”





comforts that we have achieved through modernization have brought about new
psychological disorders that would otherwise be unheard of. One of these new
disorders is compulsive gaming. This disorder can have drastic effects on the
way someone develops psychologically.  An
article on WebMD has stated that “children who play four to five hours per day
have no time for socializing, doing homework, or playing sports, this takes
away from normal social development. You can get a 21-year-old with the
emotional intelligence of a 12-year-old.” Spending a lot of time gaming doesn’t
mean that you are addicted. Being addicted is when you are unable to control
the urge to play video games. “Eighty percent of the world can play games
safely,” According to the Center for On-Line Addiction, warning signs for
video game addiction include:

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Playing for increasing amounts of time

Thinking about gaming during other activities

Gaming to escape from real-life problems,
anxiety, or depression

Lying to friends and family to conceal gaming

Video game addicts isolate
themselves from others and give up other activities to have more time for video

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