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The case of Jen is a typical illustration as to the
influence of relationships in an individual at a personal level. The effect of
her family’s desperation stirred an underlying problem which has persisted
since childhood and goes on to affect her path into adulthood. This forms the
central basis of evaluation that will be analyzed and conceptualized in this
case. Based on the state in the subject, it has been established that the best
theoretical model and approach that need to be adopted in this case is that of
individual psychology by Alfred Adler (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2014). This
conceptual approach best fills in the presenting state and prevalent needs in
the subject that would need to be addressed through an analysis of the
components in this theoretical model. Equally, this approach best suits not
just the presenting case in the subject, but also the path towards evaluation
and resolution on the basis of central component that are indicated in her case

The subject, Jen, has been affected by her path of
upbringing, especially the separation from her father which she views as a
major shortcoming on her part that has hindered her social development thus far
and would continue to define her transition into adulthood. The imminent
conflict in this case lies in the burden of blame which she bears. On one hand,
she feels that her father is to blame for her state and limitations thus far.
However, she also feels like battling this state and her prevalent shortcoming
by putting all these behind herself and embracing life within her present state
(Sindelar & Pap, 2017). Evidently, this conflict has affected her social
life, especially getting to date because she views that as a significant
shortfall that has hampered her capacity and ability as an individual. 

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Based on the indications that are being presented as party of this case,
the individual psychology approach by Adler will be applied in analyzing her
state, especially with the aim of

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