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The society has been dramatically changed with the progression of
technology. Before the discovery of modern
technology, life was very difficult, exhausting and very boring. Technology is the life blood of our life
nowadays. Technology as
we can see made our life better than before. I think no one can live without it
nowadays. Technology has given us great scope to
develop our lives in many areas. Many of the great opportunities we have
had because of the modern technology that has come to satisfy human needs. Modern
technology helps us in many fields like; education, medicine, industry,
transportation etc. We must thank the modern technology for making our life easier
and easier and a lot of works have been lifted up from our shoulder. Also, because
of the modern technology we have a lot of time to do whatever we want and we can
meet our friends and enjoy the time with them.

Technology is double edged weapon. As technology has advantages it also
has disadvantages. Technology is being used rashly these days and it affects our
society in a negative way. The relationship between family members has become
weak due to the modern technology and modern devices. In family gathering, for
example, you
find that most family members sit on their smart phones chatting with others or just scrolling
down in Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. The technology world has been growing and flourishing the interest
in designing Technologies that mediate and create a feeling of relatedness
within interpersonal Relationships beyond the explicit verbal communication
(Hassenzahl, Heidecker, Eckoldt, Diefenbach, & Hillman, 2002). This means that the frequent use of technology wrongly made
verbal communication less between people and their lives became on social media

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technology also causes serious health problems. People nowadays sleep when their eyes are
closed on the mobile phones and laptops. Sitting on the smart devices nowadays for
long periods leads to many diseases like: weak vision, cancer, obesity and
laziness. Now everyone prefers sitting and playing games or listening to music
instead of go outside and walking or do some sports, meeting their family or friends.
Take care of yourselves and your health and do not make
technology a reason to destroy you and destroy your life.



            After I talked about technology and its
impact I will talk about some small useful invention we can use it in our daily
life. The first invention is “TZOA”, this small invention can control
the method of irrigation of plants in the absence of people and the owner can
monitor the soil of plants and the amount of water and light that need by
linking the invention with systems of Andriod and IOS. The second invention is
“Aura”, This device can help you to sleep in a healthy and balanced
way. It combines between nipple and multicolored device. It gives quiet music
during sleep and light. It can measure the temperature of the room and measure
the number of sleep hours with a moderate organization. There is a device act
like a game, children can use this device and it can help them a lot. “The
Congnitoys” This game is an educational and interactive invention for
children. The purpose of this invention is to determine the personality of the
child and therefore determines how to deal with it, which means developing the
personality of the child and his different skills. This game works by
connecting to the internet. It is able to answer all the child’s questions
because it is a talking game.

         There is a question that may come up in our minds
after we see and hear all these inventions and developments happening around us.
This question is “What will happen in 2050?” Every second scientists
discover new things that can help the human beings. Robotics can -and will- change our lives in
the near future.
Robots will change our lives in the future.
We will see the robots a lot in the future. We will see them in home, schools,
works and etc. They will help us a lot. They will cook, clean, play our music
etc.  They will reduce fatigue and
efforts on people. They really will make our life easier than before. The
future of flying cars: science fact or science fiction?” In 2050,
Scientists are planning to design flying cars. We will have roads in the sky
and the cars will fly there. Imagine that we don’t have to worry about traffic,
stoplights or road construction. The flying cars could get somewhere faster
than traveling by roads. Our life will be easier with these flying cars.




                    As a conclusion, we
can’t deny the great impact of the technology in our daily life. Also, we cannot underestimate our use of modern
technology, but we can ensure not let it dominate our lives. Only smart people can balance using
technology in their life and do not make technology dominate their whole life.
According to Ian and Malcolm, any of us can do much about the rapid
growth of new technology but we can learn how to control uses of technology.

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