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The rift between the Chinese and Indian Armed offices has been mounting with more and more contradictory strategies between the two nations. According to a military expert from China, the Indian Armed Forces are not as strong as it poses to be.Recently, Abhay Krishna, GO Chief Commanding Officer of the Indian Army, stated that the Indian Armed Forces were exceptionally strong and ‘well prepared’, while also commenting that the Chinese military would not dare to commit any ‘misadventures’. These comments by the Indian Army sparked a new aggravation leading to the Chinese military questioning and doubting the strength of the Indian Armed Forces.The Indian Armed Forces are Strong and CapableSince the India China Doklam region issue, many comments from both sides of the military have come to surface. The Chief of Army, Bipin Rawat, stated at a recent press conference that the Chinese Army was pushing waters at the India China border, and the Indian Armed Forces is fully prepared and has the capability to deal with kind of retaliation on the border front.These statements have further aggravated the leaders of India and China, and a blow to the bilateral relations between the two countries. The peace and safety of the border region is thus taken a new hit.MORE: China trying to Convince India to Join CPECWhat does China have to say about The Indian Armed Forces?Hu Zhiyong, a research specialist from the Institure for International Relations, China states that the Indian Armed Forces are hyping their power and projecting themselves to be more powerful than they actually are. Another researcher says that there is a contradiction between the thoughts shared by the Indian Armed Forces personnel and the general attitude displayed by the Government of India. The Chinese researcher further said that the response from the Government of India will show India’s efforts towards unifying the two nations and the relations between them.According to a published article in a Chinese editorial, after the Indian Armed Forces trespassed into the Doklam region the India China relations have been weakened and unless the two powerful countries seek ways to better control and manage the issue mutually, both countries will remain negatively affected.MORE: China alleges invasion of aerial space by Indian Drone

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