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The two characters, Roger in “Dressing Up for the Carnival” and Mr. Nilson in the “Japanese Quince” are united through the use of symbolism. Although both characters lead to have  similar accounts, one remains constant while the other develops character and change. In comparison,  Roger and Mr. Nilson are both incapable of finding their own identities. In “Dressing Up For the Carnival” one sees Roger as being antisocial and divorced. In the story, Roger constantly buys himself an apple before work, but one day decides to buy a fresh mango. By saying this, the mango symbolises how Roger has kept discreet for the past years. He fails to understand himself as a person, seeking the fact that there was no time given to him to do so. On the other hand, Mr. Nilson feels isolated from the physical world. In the story of the “Japanese Quince” he explains of his “feeling of emptiness just under his fifth rib”. (Page 1) This signifies that something is missing about his character. He soons to realize that by always being isolated from the world, his poor feelings are more transparent. On the contrary, Mr. Nilson wakes up every morning with the same routine up his sleeves, while Roger seeks new beginnings. It is evident that Roger constantly buys an apple everyday, but one day decides to buy a fresh mango for a change. This mango that he holds symbolises a fresh new start he’s willing to endure. A quote that supports this state’s, “Roger, aged thirty, employed by the gas board, is coming out of a grocery store carrying a mango in his left hand. He went to buy an apple and came out with this ” (Page 92) On the other hand, Mr. Nilson is provided with many opportunities, but unfortunately doesn’t take them. The Japanese Quince itself does not bear fruit which symbolises the idea of Mr. Nilson’s lack of motivation. However, it is more promising that the blackbird’s singing keeps him aligned and makes everything around him more peaceful. This pushes Mr. Nilson to do things he loves to do.

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