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The ways women are seen has changed over time. Now women can say what they want or for what they believe and won’t have a punishment for it. Things change from generation to generations. There is a difference between how society treats males and females when they choose not to conform to societal norms quotes from The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Dear Rebecca Walden And Every Woman Who Is Still ‘Slut-Shaming by Alejandra Tenorio. Others may think that males can get the same consequences or society is still the same but in reality Women can or have it worse than us the men because either they have to follow rules or can be seen as a person who shouldn’t be allowed something like that. Women deal with things can be unfair or the actions they commit are not good in their society. For example, in Dear Rebecca Walden And Every Woman Who Is Still ‘Slut-Shaming it says “Slut-shaming is disparaging and harmful, has psychological repercussions, and sadly can lead to tragic outcomes. Young women already deal with so much pressure in all areas of life, with insecurities still at an all time high.”(article Tenorio) This means that if a girl looks or acts someway they are judged  in the society and can cause the girl to feel insecure of themselves. This should send a message that even if they look or act a certain way they should all feel comfortable with the way they act.This is similar to The Scarlet Letter when in the book it says “Heaven Hath granted an open ignominy, that thereby thou mayest out an open triumph over the evil with thee, and the sorrow without. Take need how thou deniest to him who, perchance, hath not the courage to grasp it for himself the bitter, but wholesome, cup that is now presented to thy lips.”(Hawthorne) This means the problem with being a woman in these birth control days is one of the problems is that secret adultery can become very public pregnancy. Even how a blessing it can be when a woman gets pregnant the way they got pregnant can be bad like in The Crucible or when Hester committed adultery they attached the letter in her breast. Things can get so bad that women don’t even feel like themselves and they have to change either physically or mentally. In The Scarlet Letter in the book it says “Throughout them all giving up her individuality, she would become the general symbol at which the preacher and moralist might point, and in which they might vivify and embody their images of woman’s frality and sinful passion… at her, who had once been innocent as the figure, the body the reality of sin. And over her grave the infamy that she must carry with her would be her only monument.”(Hawthorne) The meaning of this is  how Hester isn’t a woman anymore.  She is but In a confused way. Now she’s just a fallen woman, an example to the other girls who might be battling woman’s sins. This statement from the also goes with the Slut Shaming article because it says ” We’ve been threatened to get sent home from school if our knees show. Little by little comment to comment, it adds up, older generations have raised a generation so ashamed of their bodies that they would rather stay home than bear putting up with such derogatory comments.”(article)These two quotes go together because they’re vivifying the looks. When the message here is, that no matter what society you are in the consequences should be that there shouldn’t be any. There will be people who would say things have changed. Women can do what they want and be shamed or any of those things. Or they can go of how men we were treated bad too. Like in the Crucible he either said the truth or he was going to get killed. There wasn’t a choice where he can just be released. In conclusion, it’s really just how the society looks at people. But there is a difference  between how society treats males and females when they choose not to conform to societal norms because men back then had a bit more power and women were shamed from their actions even if it was a mistake

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