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The holocaust was a systematic planned program of genocide to exterminate all Jews. This terrible event was carried out by Hitler, and his allies in the Nazi army during WWII. Approximately 6 million Jews were killed, and about 11 million people deemed undesirable by Hitler were killed such as communist, the disabled, homosexuals, and others who opposed to Hitler’s religious, political and social views.The Holocaust is one of the most horrifying events that has occurred in the history of the world. From Kristallnacht to life in the concentration camp, everything about this event was terrible. Many things could have been done to avoid the dreadful experience, but nothing was done by the people. One major event that lead to Hitler’s Holocaust was the death of president Hindenburg. Hitler was Hindenburg’s “vice-president”. Therefore, if something were to happen to Hindenburg, Hitler would take the position of president. When he took this position he was able to have almost unlimited power as he could do whatever he wanted with “his” country. This was proven as right after Hitler took the position of the president of Germany he began to create many changes to the lives of German citizens, and in specific the German-Jewish. The implementation of Nuremberg Laws also lead to the Holocaust genocide. These laws lead to Jewish people being seen as a totally different race from other Germans even though it was only a religion. One of these laws took away German-Jewish citizenships, and another even banned any types of relationships between Aryans and Jewish people. Anyone with even the smallest amount of Jewish in their bloodlines were forced to follow these rules. This lead to more people falling into the hands of Natzi terror when the Holocaust occured. Kristallnacht, also known as “Night of Broken Glass”, was another event that lead to the Holocaust. On November 9 to November 10, 1938 the Nazis in Germany torched synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes, schools and businesses and killed close to 100 Jews. After this horrible night for the Jewish almost 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to Nazi concentration camps. After Kristallnacht, conditions for German Jews grew worse. During World War II , Hitler and the Nazis began their “Final Solution” to what was known as the “Jewish problem,” and carried out the systematic murder of about 6 million European Jews in what came to be known as the Holocaust. In my opinion, the Holocaust could have been avoided.

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