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The ending of Science Fiction film Gattaca deals with the solving of the case of the murder. It turns out that the mission director in Gattaca was suspect, this was confirmed right after finding her genes on the computer keyboard. The character of Vincent is proven to be completely innocent as to the situation. This takes place right after various weeks of having the assumption of him being responsible. However, they suspected him towards stealing someone’s identity so they had to collect his DNA throughout various methods. By the end of the film, Vincent confronts Anton, his younger genetically brother which in shock turns out to be the detective who had high suspects that he was the one who did it.  Anton and Vincent challenged each other to compete in one last swimming contest, which results with Vincent winning.The film’s masterpiece throughout is known to be one of the most shocking, thought-provoking, and one of the few recent science fiction movies that show subtle discrimination for those with heart problems. Just as people in society currently are being judged by the color of their skin, Gattaca predicts that in the future there will be more discrimination. The film is categorized as science fiction, helps make it more effective by allowing us to feel the emotions of the characters with little of the viewers’ own history getting in the way. The music that was chosen for the film goes well with the feeling of the film, as it allows us to feel emotional. The way the special effects were used in the movie wasn’t like any science fiction film back in the nineties and it was done with such entertainment. There is nothing about the film Gattaca where the movie leads towards boredom. The movie itself is a piece of art where it grabs the viewers attention that cloning could happen in the future. The film itself was one of my favorites. Science Fiction is an extreme genre that shows what could potentially happen in the future. Throughout the film, we witness different types of automobiles, and we also learned how we can steal someone’s identity without making it obvious. As far as for the science fiction purposes of the film, it is clearly shown and well understood through the cinematography that is shown through the powers of the directors. Many viewers like myself reacted to the ending on a positive note. Gattaca ended very differently compared with other science fiction film back in the nineties. The difference between Gattaca and other movies within the same genre is that this movie, in particular, looked real. Most Science Fiction movies involved robots, or other non realistic things, which makes the movie less enjoyable for people. Gattaca, unlike any other science fiction movie, had a good ending. It ended the movie on a good note, knowing that Vincent ends up living his dream of going to space.

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