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The methodology employed in research is vital to shaping research to suit the desired
goals or objectives. Understanding the scope and depth of the methodology employed is key to
comprehending the limitations associated with a particular study and to accurately understand the
information or data that is presented in a given study. As such, understanding the methodology
employed will inform the researcher and audience whether the results of the study can be applied
in similar settings, i.e., internal and external validity. This document compares and contrasts the
methodology employed in two articles that look at the perceptions of young students towards
history as a subject and school project.
Tamisoglou (2010) looks at the perceptions of students towards History as a school
subject. The study was designed to investigate how students perceived the usefulness of history
as a school subject with specific attention given to the educational material employed in class
CITATION Tam10 l 1033 . This study employed focus group interviews across 8 schools,
resulting in a sample of over 200 individuals between the age of 12 and 15. The sample was
obtained from schools in North Greece.
Grever, Hadyn, and Ribbens (2008) take a different approach to the subject matter of
student perception of history. In their study, the look at the views of students pertaining to the
identity and school history. The study has been set up in two countries, i.e. Netherlands and
England CITATION Gre08 l 1033 . Three factors are taken into consideration in this study,
i.e., pupils’ perceptions about the facets of history that are of interest to them, aspects of history
they believed should be taught in schools, and their views and opinions on the purposes of school
history and history in general. This study employed a sample of 442 young people living in
metropolitan areas in England and Netherlands.

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