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The aim of this report is to research the impact of electric automobiles
on the sustainability resources and environment. However, in order to continue
with the research, first we need to investigate the key words in the question.
Electrical automobiles “Is a car that is driven by one or electric motors,
and the energy needed has come from rechargeable batteries, hence zero
emissions.” (


The second definition we want to look at is sustainability;
sustainability in an environmental science term is the quality of being
environment friendly and not using up natural resources (

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To summarise this, we are researching how electric vehicle can help
sustain the resources, economy and environment.


we need to investigate how a fuel car and electric car functions. So, in the
engine of a fuel car the piston descends, sucking air through the intake valve
while fuel is injected. Then all valves close and the piston rises up
compressing the mixture. Then a spark ignites the mixture causing a mini
explosion which pushes the piston back down. Then the piston comes back up
forcing the resulting gas out the exhaust valve. Then the crankshaft carries
the pistons power to the wheels with the aid of the timing belt to synchronise
the rotation. (Jacob Oneil , May 6, 2017)


Looking at the
electric car now, the speciality of the electric car is the induction motor is
invented by Nikola Tesla. The motor contains two fundamental parts, the rotor
and a stator. The rotor is just a group of conducting cars, which is short circuited
by end rings. Then the stator is provided with a three phases ac power. Hence a
magnetic field is produced from the three-phase alternating current. “The Tesla
model produces 4 pole magnetic field. The rotating magnetic field induces
current on the rotor bars and makes it rotate.” Motor receives power from a
battery pack. The battery produces dc power and an inverter is used to convert
it into a dc current and also controls the motor speed. The power pack is just
a collection of lithium ion cells connected in parallel and series to produce
the power needed to run the car. Glycol coolant used to prevent the batteries
from heating up. The power from the motor is transferred to the wheel by a gear
box. ( 30 May 2017 )


Therefore, in
summary Electric cars don’t use fossil fuel, hence have zero emissions. There
is other benefits such as the engine being lighter and requires less components
to make the wheels rotate.


So, let us talk about the main problems, as for resources. We know that
petrol and diesel comes from fossil fuel, which is not a renewable resource in
meaning the resource replenish over time. Hence, if we keep using it
excessively it will run out very soon. Studies suggests that fossil fuel will
run out in 2088, which is less than a decade away. This is due to the usage of
fossil fuels still increasing and shows no sign of stabilising. As the
population, increases and the standard of living increases in less develop
countries the demand of fossil fuel increases to industrialise the place. (




If oil runs out for the first time, you will see clear roads on the
highway. Lots of transport will be unavailable which means no one will be able
to get anywhere and other products such as medicine and plastic will not be
made. However, in this article, it states the chances of this occurring is low
and even if oil runs out there are other sources of energy. (Zainab
Calcuttawala Mar. 5, 2017)


The other major problem is the gas produced due to combustion in the
engine. During the combustion, there is a production of nitrogen oxide which is
from high pressure and temperature in engines fusing the elements of oxygen and
nitrogen. Nitrogen oxides are a problem because they combine with water to form
acid rain, produces NO which depletes the ozone layer, Carbon monoxide which is
poisonous made from incomplete combustion of fuel, carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse
gas which is the main product of the reaction and unburnt hydrocarbons which
also deplete the ozone layer. (Stephen MD)


In an interview, Brian Cox says global warming is not a myth and a
serious problem. Also showing a graph of the increase of temperature over the
years. (Brian cox)


There has been solutions to these problems:


For example, a platinum catalytic converter that changes no2 back to
their elements, changing oxides and carbon monoxide to co2 and unburnt
hydrocarbons to co2 and water.
not all cars have catalytic converters, co2 still produced (a greenhouse gas) and
catalytic converters can easily be stolen and are stolen due to the rise in the
cost of metal. (


Furthermore, New policies have been made by the government to reduce and
solve pollution problems for example the air pollution control act of 1955 was
to provide research towards pollution. And the latest Paris agreement. The Agreement aims to respond to the
global climate change threat by keeping a global temperature rise this century
well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts
to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This is
done by each country setting a specific amount of greenhouse gas they will
release as a country and try to keep below the amount however there is no law
binding this and only a name and shame.

Trump backs out of the agreement and no law binding this hence does not
work. However, no law binding any country hence they can do what they want. ( )


Also lies from companies about emissions for example folks wagon
scandal, to promote their car they lied about the amount of production of no2
in a test. ( )



The importance of this report is to see if we need to put more money and
resources into the research and development on hybrid and electric cars.


Even though electric cars can
effect and improve the environment drastically, they are not problem free. One
of the biggest problem is affording an electric car and maintaining it.

Electric cars are not cheap as the materials needed to
create the battery is in high demand and rare.

Although there are several other
elements, the batteries can be made from. The batteries are made of lithium due
to lithium being unreactive and having a higher energy density meaning a higher
energy storage capacity.



Being a limited resource and can
only be mined in a few places on the globe means it’s going to be expensive for
example if you need to replace an GM’s
Chevrolet Bolt battery it will cost over 40% of the car around (

For electric and hybrid cars, the
insurance may charge up to 50 percent that of normal cars. This is because of
the lack of skilled technicians available to repair them. (|A480186994=2.1=r=summon=1)

In conclusion, the cost of
electric cars at this moment is not affordable for everyone. As the car and the
insurance for the car being expensive.






























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