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The Coniferous Forest is a biome in places throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Canada. (Coniferous Forest) The Coniferous Forest has mostly evergreen trees or cone bearing trees and have many rivers and lakes. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica) Coniferous Forests mostly have temperate climates, so they have cool winters and warm summers, as well as lots of rainfall. (Coniferous Forest Biome) The Biome has a variety of animals such as squirrels, jays, bears, moose, wolves, and the snowshoe hare. (Coniferous Forest Biome)    The trees of the Coniferous Forest consists of cone bearing needle-leaved and scale-leaved evergreen trees, such as larches, firs, pines, and spruces. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica) The most common though, is the Conifer, which is a cone bearing evergreen. (Coniferous Forest Biome) There is also a variety of shrubs, lichens, mosses, liverworts on the ground. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica) Throughout a Coniferous Forest there is also an abundance of rivers, bogs, and lakes. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica)    Coniferous Forests are mostly in temperate climates where temperatures can range from negative forty degrees Fahrenheit to twenty degrees Fahrenheit. (Coniferous Forest) The rainfall per year range from twelve to thirty-five inches per year, very few can get up seventy-nine inches. (Coniferous Forest) These temperatures and rainfall lead to Coniferous Forests usually having dry and cold winters as well as hot and humid summers. (Coniferous Forest Biome) With there being Coniferous Forests all around the world, where they fall within these temperatures and rainfall ranges is very dependent on their location. (Coniferous Forest Biome) For example, Coniferous Forests at higher elevations, Northern Coniferous Forests, tend to have longer and drier winters with very short and only moderately warm summers. (Coniferous Forest Biome)    Coniferous Forests have a large variety of animals including seed eaters such as squirrels and jays, predators such as grizzly bears, wolverines, lynxes, and wolves, and plant eaters like moose, deer, the snowshoe hare, and elk. (Coniferous Forest Biome) The humid summers attract a lot of insects as well such as flies and mosquitoes, and with the insects come frogs, some snakes, other insect eaters. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica) Most animals in the Coniferous Forest grow a thick coat of fur during winter to keep from the extremely cold temperatures, species of animals that can’t grow enough fur usually migrate during the winter to warmer places. (Coniferous Forest Biome) Some animals in the Coniferous Forest have developed the ability to change colors to hide from predators. (Coniferous Forest Biome) An example of this would be the ermine, it is white during the winter to blend in with the snow and during the summer it changes to a dark brown to blend in with the dirt. (Coniferous Forest Biome)

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