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The American and French Revolutions
had many similarities such as the goals they shared, they both had riots, and
both went into debt. They were very similar however, they still had many
differences; examples are reasoning for war, their violence level, and who was

“Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of
property” were the famous goals for the French revolution. Sound familiar? Well
that’s because “Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are the goals for
the American Revolution. The American Revolution inspired the French
Revolutions goals. They both mean equal rights, freedom, and owning property or
just being content and happy.
            Both Revolutions had a few
important riots. The French had the Bastille. Which was started by rumors
saying foreign troops were coming to kill the third estate and some other
French citizens. This made the radicals angry and they torn down bastille
prison which held political prisoners. Then the Colonists had the Boston
Massacre. Which was a bunch of drunk men protesting the British which led to
the actual “massacre”. Although, only 5 people died, it had a huge effect on the
overall revolution.

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France was already in major debt
due to King Louis XVI’s carelessness with money. Marie Antoinette was no help
either, she was an awful gambler and spent large amounts of money on
unnecessary things. The French were already fighting other wars during the
revolution. The French revolution lasted 10 years, 10 years of wars, riots, and
upheaval. All of this costs millions of dollars and the French were running low
on money due to their reckless rulers. America actually started out in debt
too. They lost more than 400 million dollars throughout the 7 years. They had
to pay for food and supplies.


On the other hand they do actually
have many differences, like if the colonist would have backed off the American
Revolution could have been prevented, as the thing that started everything was
them getting mad about the sugar act, but the Sugar Act actually reduced
prices, which shows the colonists were just looking for a fight. Whilst, the
French revolution started from drama within the estates and King Louis XIV’s
carelessness, which shows the French revolution had more reasoning.

The French revolution was actually
way more violent than the American. Radicals supporting the third estate would
hunt down the king supporters and kill them to set an example.  Also, the French revolution had the reign of
terror, which was when Robespierre became a dictator and would kill people if
he felt like it. He killed about 40,000 people in 15 months. The American
Revolution had the Boston tea party and the Boston Massacre. The Boston Tea
party lead to no deaths and then Boston Massacre only had 5.

Both revolutions started between a
government and it’s lower class, but the French revolution actually involved
other people. The French attacked and were attacked by other countries
including Spain, United Kingdom, and Austria. So, the French revolution was
made into an even bigger deal with all the people involved. The American Revolution
just stayed between Great Britain and the colonies.

Overall the French and American
revolutions have many similar and different aspects, but they each contributed to
history greatly. They both have impacted countries that now influence the
world. Without them who knows what today would be like?


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