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The debilitating
effects of Parkinson’s disease due to the motor and non-motor complications associated
with it, ensures that it has an overwhelming impact on the lives of patients
diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This impact is worsened due to the current
ineffective drug treatments (and their side effects) used to treat patients
with Parkinson’s disease. Consequently, the importance of finding: new,
innovative, safe and effective treatments for Parkinson’s disease is
accentuated. I hypothesise that the process of stem cell differentiation can be
harnessed to provide treatment for Parkinson’s disease, even though there are
several factors that must be considered.  This article aims to use evidence from various
sources to build a comprehensive analysis and report concerning the efficacy
and safety of using stem cells as a form of treatment for Parkinson’s disease.
To accomplish this aim, the process of differentiation (which stem cells
undergo) has already been explored to provide familiarisation of the process
and portray the basis of stem cell therapy. From there, the pathology of
Parkinson’s disease will be discussed in detail, to portray the effect of the
loss of dopamine-producing nerve cells. Next, the limitations of the drug
treatments, aimed at relieving the symptoms generated by the disease, will also
be discussed. Subsequently, the basis of stem cell therapy will become apparent.
However, this article will also explore the drawbacks of stem cell therapy in
general, including how these limitations can be controlled. In addition to
this, the article will include a review that investigates the specific
advantages and disadvantage associated with each type of stem cell, that could
be used in stem cell therapy. As a result, a conclusion can be made about which
type of stem cell has the most potential for being used in stem cell therapy to
treat Parkinson’s disease. 

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