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The Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Toronto Raptors 123-111 on Sunday evening in Toronto. They succumbed to the solid attack of Demar DeRozan and Fred Van Vleet, with quiet contributions coming from Kyle Lowry too. Coming out of the gate, the Lakers couldn’t hit a shot for the life of them. They also did a lousy job at defending the paint, allowing an easy dunk to Jonas Valanciunus and some poorly contested drives from Demar DeRozan. Despite all the brick-throwing they only were down 7 to the Raptors at the end of the first 28-21. Both teams rolled out lineups of all second unit players to start the second quarter. The Lakers second unit comprised of Jordan Clarkson and Alex Caruso running the offense, with Kyle Kuzma providing buckets is not half bad, but they’re limited in size. Alex Caruso embarrassed Toronto’s defense with a fat dunk on a drive right down the middle! The Lakeshow started off the quarter hot going shooting 5-6, but then Toronto’s shots started falling and the Lakers stopped hitting. Demar DeRozan starting getting any shot he wanted. Julius Randle had 13 points and 10 rebounds by the end of the second quarter. He was the strongest player for the Lakers overall in the first half, and they ended it down 59-49.A similar pattern happened in the third quarter, where the Lakers came out hitting a few shots but they went cold again, and Toronto responded with their own field goals. The Raptors were doing a good job of keeping the young Lakers at bay and denying them momentum. Demar DeRozan wasn’t initially shooting a good field goal percentage but he started getting aggressive by driving to the rim, and the Lakers didn’t really have an answer for him. By the end of the third quarter, the Lakers defense already gave up 91 points, with 22 of those third-quarter points coming in the paint.The fourth quarter came around and the Raptors really started tightening their grip on this game. They were up 22 when the Lakers had to call a timeout with 6 minutes remaining. Kyle Lowry wasn’t shooting well but he contributed a low key 14 points and 11 rebounds at that point – not bad for a point guard. The Raptors let their guard down a little and let the Lakers narrow it to a 12 point lead 102-114.They ultimately fell to the Raptors 123-111 due to poor shooting (44% overall) and a lack of defense. Fred Van Vleet had an impressive 25 points on 9/13 field goals for Toronto off the bench. He was the one who sparked the rally for the Raptors in the beginning of the second quarter. Lonzo Ball’s defensive presence would’ve made a difference in how Van Vleet’s game turned out. His injury has now been classified as an MCL Sprain now and it’s an estimated 1-3 week recovery period. It has been about 2 weeks since he first sat out, but Luke and the Lakers brass have mentioned they want to be careful with Lonzo’s injury. The Lakers will have a little time to rest before their next game as they face the Orlando Magic on Wednesday at the Amway Center.

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