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The development of Acoustic Doppler technology has increased the use by hydrologists for discharge measurement, velocity profile, and distribution of suspended material in the river cross-section. This is due to better accuracy, high productivity, easy operation with safety, and fast measurements than conventional discharge measurement techniques. However, there are some concerns about the unmeasured area in profile such as at water surface, the bottom of river and use of the device in flooded rivers with a high amount of sediments.   The objective of this project is to measure streamflow using ADCP boat (Fixed vessel), analysis, and validation of the measurement data.

The proposed measurement method was used on the Wakenitz river, near Luebeck, Germany. In addition to discharge measurement, water balance assessment of river basin and river itself was carried out.  The purpose of assessment is to understand the hydrological processes and the possible effect on discharge change along the length of the river. An integrated water balance approach based on a modified Thornthwaite- mather (1955) for a period of 17 years from 2001 to 2017 was carried out, with water balance components at a daily time step were calculated. The project result includes measurements at 7 different cross-sections along the river with error calculation and hydrological parameters such as potential evaporation, surface runoff, groundwater recharge and discharge.

This project work could be used for further study of the interaction between hydrological processes for Wakentiz river basin and to manage the river discharge for small hydropower plant situated between river Wakenitz and Trave. In addition, for managing the water resources in the basin and to achieve the ‘good ecological status’ of the river.                                                                                                                         

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