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We all know that Marketing plays the uttermost part when it
comes to business activities. Not only Marketing helps to creates customers but
they also help to generates income. In this report, the marketing department is
focusing on Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad’s Marketing department.

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For a company that is known for its medium-sized business
organization, they offer variety of services to the society. From there, this
organization, from what I have seen – they stay closely related to their
Marketing department. This is due to the fact that their Marketing department
are the ones that technically help the organization itself to have a better
selling in terms of their products and their services.



Activities of the
Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad’s Marketing Department


Market Research /
Tracking Trends

To identify the customers’ demands. To promote their own
products and services as well as to keep on coming up with new ideas and


Creating Advertisements

Developing advertisement plans (including making advantages
by using the social media platforms) to achieve and increase their brand


Monitor Competition

To learn what their competitors do best as well as
identifying the mistakes in order to avoid their company from making the same


Communicate and

So that the Marketing department knows about what the
company wants to do in terms of upgrading their products and services. At the
same time to help the organization to achieve the company’s missions and goals
as well as delivering what their customers want and need.


Generate Income

Aimed for broadening their customers base as well as finding
the opportunity that would generate more revenue.


Customer Care

To get closer to their clients and listen in order to find
out what their needs are.


Product Development

sales of their existing products as well as identifying improvements in order
to incorporate in the new products. The marketing department also in charge at
setting prices and prepares plans to launch their latest product.











The Marketing department of Darussalam Holdings Sendirian
Berhad, they offer the general services under the Haji and Umrah service. By
creating the haji/umrah as well as other services, they are technically
fulfilling their customers’ demand by including the services below.



Table 1: List of all
the services available for the Inclusive and other services.



Darussalam Marketing Sendirian Berhad’s Marketing Department
Team, they are not only focusing on bringing their customers to perform
Haji/Umrah but also providing tours to all the historical and tourist places.
Not to forget, they also created the Inbound and Outbound Tours services for
their customers.



Figure 1 and Figure
2: The Haji/Umrah pilgrims visiting the historical and tourist places.





Comparison of Two
Marketing Departments, Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad and Continental
Yachting Sendirian Berhad


Background detail of Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad

Background detail of Continental Yachting Sendirian Berhad

Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad was established under
Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei (TAIB) in 1993.
In 1997, Darussalam Holdings introduced Umrah Packages to
Brunei, which later they became a full fledge Haji and Umrah agency for the
In the year of 2011, they formed Travel and Tours
Department focusing on Airline reservations and ticketing services as well as
provide the Inbound and Outbound tour packages.

Continental Tours and Travel is mainly a division of
Continental Yachting SDN BHD.
Has been in operation since 1994 in terms of managing
direct ticketing of major airlines and inbound as well as outbound tour
February 2016, they were approved by the Ministry Of
Religious Department to be a Haji and Umrah operator.


Table 2: Brief
background information of both companies



Comparison of Each
Companies’ Marketing Departments



Services and Product


Marketing Department of Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad:

Provide details of information for their services and


Marketing Department of Continental Yachting Sendirian

Lack of details of information for their services and


Social Media


Marketing Department of Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad:

Engaging their relationship with their customers by updating
their social media accounts with their daily activities or anything related
with the company.


Marketing Department of Continental Yachting Sendirian

Not that frequently updating their social media accounts (customers
can be uninterested to know more about their services/products and about the
company itself).


Promotion Discounts:


Marketing Department of Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad:

Provides As Salam Loyalty Card for their customers
(rewarding the customers for their loyalty which helps to build relationship
between two parties and the company technically will earn more sales).


Marketing Department of Continental Yachting Sendirian

Only offering promotion fares for their customers.

S.W.O.T Analysis
for Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad


SWOT stands for Strength,
Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Strength and Weakness, both can be
controlled by the organization itself as they are the internal problem but when
it comes to the opportunities and threats, they are the external problem which
they cannot be simply controlled by the organization itself.




-A full fledge
Haji/Umrah for the nation.
-Providing airline reservation and ticketing worldwide
hotel reservations.
-Providing inbound and outbound tour packages besides the
haji/umrah packages.

-Member of the International Air Transport Association
-Member of the Brunei Association of Travel Agents (BATA).
-Authorized agent for various international airlines
including Royal Brunei Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and as
well as Thai Airways.

-They did not
serve 24/7 customer online service on their websites which some customers
might find it hard to ask questions at any times.
-They did not offer for any special packages for students
to travel.
-They did not offer any “Travel While Learning Inbound and
Outbound Tours” for people who are still learning (from Primary level up to University

-The pricing
for Haji/Umrah is fully controlled by the negotiations and agreement between
Brunei Darussalam and Saudi Arabia’s Government.
-War that is happening in Middle East or countries near
Arab Saudi can affect the safety of Brunei’s Haji/Umrah pilgrims.
-Competitors between other agencies that have received
approval to handle the Haji/Umrah as well as the Travel Tours such as Straits
Central Agencies Sdn Bhd, Continental Yachting Sdn Bhd, Raudah Al-Amin Sdn
Bhd and At-Taqwa Travel Tours Sdn Bhd.


















Figure 3: The
Organization Chart for Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad




















Information & Technology Department

Helps the Marketing department with advertising their
products and services using their IT skills and the technological methods.

Compliance Departments

Ensuring the company and the marketing team is obeying the
government law/policies in terms of their advertisements and selling as well
as their products/services.

Travel & Tours Department

Preparing visitor information as well as producing
promotional material.

Haji & Umrah Department

Preparing their special packages (including activities)
and services to their customers.

Finance Department

Ensuring the budget is enough for the Marketing department
to proceed with their marketing products.

Admin & Human Resource Department

Recruiting the right marketing skilled people to be a
Marketing assistant.


Table 3: Explanation
on how other departments help the marketing functions to its impact.


























There are many strategies that the marketing department can
take in order to respond to the environmental changes but below, they are
another four ways that can also be taken into the marketing department team’s


Understanding the

Identifying existing customers demands.

Produce and supply the best quality of services and products
rather than increasing the quantity.

Increase advertisements as well as plan strategic plans to
align the organization with the environment.


Market Segmentation

Understanding the demand of their customers in the distinct
regional and the local markets.

Finding the right and potential customers.


Improving Customer

Trust can be earned and build with the best customer

Relationship between the organization and their customers matters more than prices of their

Helps to build brand awareness.


Internal Analysis

Finding the strength and weakness of the organization.

Improve everything what they are lacking.

Align everything back by referring to the company’s mission
and vision.









The government interference when it comes to the local
marketing is quite less.

The interference is high due to the company has to deal
with policies and regulations of numerous countries.

Capital Requirement

Only need small or less amount of money to invest in terms
of their marketing because they only cater a small area.

The capital for the international marketing needed is a
huge amount of capital, simply because they cover a large area.

Nature of Customers

The demand of local marketing is almost the same as the
customers share the same culture.

Variation in terms of the customer tastes and preferences
when it comes to international marketing.


Table 4: Comparison
chart between Local and International Marketing.

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