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            The Athenian democracy is something that was very strong
before and during the war.  Pericles let
citizens help him come up with how the government should be ran.  He made sure that they were doing their own
thing, as far as laws, and not copying other people.  He made sure that Athens was open to any
foreigners, even if an enemy eye would pop in occasionally.  The unique qualities of Athens are how the
democracy comes together and how the men are so willing to fight for Athens
during the war.

      Pericles said “we throw open our city to
the world, and never by alien acts exclude foreigners from any opportunity of
learning or observing, although the eyes of an enemy may occasionally profit by
our liberality.” (2)  Pericles understands
that bad things are going to happen and they trust less in the system and
policy and listen more to the natives of their citizens. The military policy is
very laxed.  The city is very open with others,
and Pericles is aware that prying eyes may be on the lookout, but that is a
risk he is willing to take.  Athenians
move unsupported into neighboring territories and fight on foreign soil and the
men fighting are doing it to defend their homes.  He knows his men are willing to die for
Athens and that every one of his survivors should be ready to suffer in her
cause.  Pericles lets others join in on
the decision making, making this a democracy. 
The democracy allowed their citizens to make decisions by which they
lived and to control part of the political process.  “Constitution does not copy the laws of
neighbouring states, we are rather a pattern to others than imitators
ourselves.” (2)  Athens does not want the
extravagance and knowledge and they give away money for use rather than for
show.  They have had their share of
struggle and are working to overcome it in different ways, but do not announce
it to the public for attention.  The
freedom that they experience from the government also effects their ordinary
lives.  The chief safeguard helps them to
fight against their fear by teaching them to obey laws, paying special
attention to the injury protection law. 

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            Pericles made valid points about Athens and what is
necessary to preserve its unique qualities. 
I found him persuasive because Pericles never doubted his men.  He knew that they were willing to die for
Athens.  Even the men who were not in the
war, might have had to fight in the future. 
He has no doubt about his people’s loyalty to Athens.  Pericles is saying that in order to preserve
the unique qualities of Athens, everyone must be willing to work together.  Pericles did not give out money for
show.  When he gave out money it was to help
benefit his people.  He did not want the
extra attention from his people or other people when he did a good thing.

            The unique qualities of Athens are how the democracy
comes together and how the men are so willing to fight for Athens during the
war.  Pericles was very persuasive in how
he handled certain situations that were thrown in his direction.  Certain situations that Pericles had to
handle would have been the democracy.  The
speakers who were persuasive had more influence and power in what went on.  Pericles made a law requiring that poor
citizens could participate in public decisions, while paying them.  That way the people would have enough money
to live off of.  He had a lot of
confidence in his men that they would not give up and run away from him and the

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