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             The greedy and hypocritical of human that leads them to their despair.The Pardoner’s Tale was Published in 1387 by Geoffrey Chaucer during a time of the Black Death sweeping across Europe causing turmoil within the Catholic Church and society of areas affected by the Black Death.

The Pardoner’s Tale about three rioters who was sitting in a tavern for a drink, then they heard the hand bell clink prior before a coffin is on its destination to the ground the boy said that the man in the coffin was a friend of his in the past and now the man is slain, the pardoner tells a story about a thief the thief name was Death, Death was the one that is responsible for thousands of death during the plague and that all man should be on their best and on their guard as death is will appear everywhere they go..The main theme of the Pardoner’s Tale explains the hypocritical and greed of the people and the corruption of the Roman Catholic church. The Pardoner throughout the tale reveals information of how wicked and greedy a person is when they are introduced to money, How avarice   can make people be self-centered and unempatic, Irony the rioters main purpose was to fight death but yet due to their self centered thinking they ended up what death wanted them to become.The Pardoner and Rioters are an example of what ironyThe Pardoner’s example of irony is in this quote at page 20,line 23-30″And thus I preach against the very vice I make my living out of-avarice, And yet however guilty of that sin Myself, with others I have the power to win them from it, I can bring them to repent; But that is not my principal intent. Covetousness is both the root and stuff Of all I preach, That is out to be enough.

“Page 20 31-38″Well,then I give examples thick and fast From bygone times, old stories from the past. A Yorkel mind loves old stories from of old Being the kind it can repeat and hold. What, Do you think, as long as i can preach And get their silver for the things I teach, That I will live in poverty, From choice? That’s not the counsel of my inner voice”The irony of The Pardoner’s is that his profession is a minister who should care and show empathy towards people who are in need but yet he is the complete opposite of his profession as he demand the life of luxury and wealth and show no feelings or emotion towards anyone.Page 21 line 55, ” For though I am a wholly vicious man” explains that he is  a vicious man and is the complete opposite of what he is said to be, The irony of the Rioter’s.Page 23 line 90-98″ The rioter said, “Is he so fierce to meet? I’ll search for him, by jesus, street by street.

God’s blessed bones? I’ll register a vow? Here,chaps! The three of us together now, Hold up your hands, like me and we’ll be brothers In this affairs, and each defend the others, And we will kill this traitor Death, I say! Away with him as he has made away With all of our friends. God’s dignity! Tonight!” The rioters swore to defend each other like brothers.Page 28 line 223 “You see that we are two And two are twice as powerful as one” 2 of the rioters have decided to go up against the other rioters. While the other rioters have planned to go against the other rioters. Page 29 line 254-259 “And said “Sell me some poison and if  you will, I have a lot of rats I want to kill And there’s a polecat too about my yard That takes my chickens and it hits me hard; But I’ll get even, as is only right, With vermin that destroy a man by night.” One rioter has planned to poison the other two rioters so that he can keep all the gold to himself.

Page 30 line 283 ” they fell on him and slew him, two to one.”  line 287-280 ” He took a bottle full of poison up And drank; and his companion, nothing loth, Drank from it also, and they perished both.” The irony about the Rioter’s swore to defend each other and considered each other as brothers, But they have turned each one another for greed and wealth, the main purpose for the Rioter’s gathering was to hunt death but in the end they became the opposite of what they said to be.                                                                 Thesis The minister did the complete opposite of what his profession is, He does not show any feelings or emotion towards anyone other them, he demands money and luxury and would not like living in poverty, the most ironic thing about him is his profession he is suppose to show emotion and care for those who needed help and not live the life of luxury as his profession requires none of it.  The rioters came together to hunt death and swore to protect each other and but yet they all complete ended. All rioters broke their vow to defend each other by planning to kill one another Two of the rioters planned to go up against the other one while one went down to town to buy poison to use against the other two.

The most significant text is “we’ll be brothers In this affairs, and each defend the others,” swore to be brothers and defend each other but in the end they turned against one another. Why this is important is relates to people today is that this story was written in the 14 century and today there are many people who still act like this now it proves that people even then and now still haven’t changed at all and that irony still exists ever since the begining and present.

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