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The tax compliance requirements are different for each level of government in the country. This includes all personal, partnership, corporate and trust income tax filings and supported schedules, including EHT, WSIB, and HST returns. Hence, tax compliance means frequent correspondence and interaction with all provincial and federal tax authorities. Also, all areas of financial reporting are affected by the periodic changes introduced in legislation. Therefore, tax compliance is an inevitable practice as it ensures the completion of all forms and returns with in a given timeframe, which further save you from penalties and charges that cost you time, money and peace of mind.

Our tax compliance services include:

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·       Preparation of the annual statutory VAT returns and income tax returns

Preparation of the self assessment tax return;
Acting as Tax Representative for electronic filing of Tax Returns ;
Preparation of the income tax computation;
Submission of online self assessment tax returns;
Reviewing of tax statement, tax assessment and requests for payment issued to the company;
Assistance with payment for settlement of tax;
Preparation and submission of tax refund application on behalf of shareholder(s);
Assistance in the preparation of the quarterly VAT Returns;
Accepting office of Organization Manager for E-VAT Services;
Reporting of Intra-Community Sales via the Recap Statement;
Liaison with the VAT Department on any issues relating to VAT matters

At Venus Accounting LLC, our tax services team primarily focuses on ensuring compliance with ever changing tax laws and reporting standards so that you can focus on the core area of your business.

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