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The first tour I
went on was amazing, Edinburgh Castle was simply magnificent. The castle was
just up a hill from where I was staying. It took 5 minutes to get there. I
arrived right at 2, right in time for my tour. When I walked in I could feel
the history within the walls. There were many different sights that I saw. My
guide was very nice and he told me a lot of history about the people who have
lived behind these walls. Our first stop was the Stone of Destiny. In legend
the stone was used as a pillow for Patriarch Jacob. The next place I went to
was the Great Hall. The Great Hall was in the heart of the castle, among the
walls, weapons and armour hang. Also, the wooden roof is one of the most
remarkable in Britain. The last spot we visited here was St Margaret’s Chapel.

This is Edinburghs oldest building, built around 1130 by David I. The building
was very interesting because of how old it is. This wasn’t a long tour, but it
was still good. I learned a lot about Scotlands history on this one. The tour
was all finished by 11:30 and I still had the rest of my day ahead of me to
explore the city. 

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