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The death penalty has been a controversial issue for many centuries, with a decreasing amount of total executions every year. The different perspectives on whether it is ethical or not can depend on political ideologies or faiths of the individual. In a case where a possibly innocent man (Ledell Lee) was in a rush to be executed before the drug’s expiration date, many were against the state’s decision to kill Ledell Lee due to the fact that not much of the man or the crime was known. A death penalty lawyer, Cassandra Stubbs shows her disagreement on what happened to Lee, showing her perspective based on ethics as well as her political ideology. On the other side of the spectrum, Catholic churches have a more faith based opinion on the matter which even within that group is still a controversial topic because there are people that support the death penalty and others that are against it. Stubbs point of view on the issue had motivated her to get involved in the case, she was then able to get the chance to save Lee even though she didn’t have enough time before Lee’s execution. Stubbs also has the ability to show her perspective online where she is part of a capital punishment project and the fact that she was involved in the case means that she can share the details of it and what made it unethical. The church has the potential to influence a country as it has happened before, even though their arguments don’t rely on proven facts. Evangelical Christians differ on their perspectives on the death penalty, meaning it is controversial even within a religious group. What is in common, though is that the influences of these perspectives are faith based. Some Evangelicals support capital punishment simply because it is stated in the bible, that “Whoever sheds the blood of man shall his blood be shed”BBC. Also, old and new testament biblical teachings shows the support of the death penalty, suggesting that god created the death penalty and the fact that Jesus at no point had denied the state’s right to capital punishment. Another common argument by Evangelicals is the belief that the death penalty is like suicide, “The criminal, by choosing to commit a particular crime has also chosen to surrender his life to the state if caught.” BBC Other evangelicals are against the death penalty believing that only god should create and destroy life, as well as the fact that Christianity is based on compassion and forgiveness, “Capital punishment is incompatible with a teaching that emphasises forgiveness and compassion.” BBC There is one argument, however which Evangelicals have mentioned before as well, which is that a life sentence can be a better option than capital punishment since by executing someone, the punishment of a life sentence and the suffering of the criminal has been shortened, therefore a life sentence is a bigger punishment and they won’t ever be released until they die.

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