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The phantom limb phenomenon is a subject that  concerns some of the most significant and crucial aspects of the interrelationship between mind and body, and can be regarded as a prototype of the mind–body dilemma (Nortvedt,2014). Hence different branches of knowledge have been dedicated to their study for decades producing different kinds books, articles and papers. Nonetheless finding formal resources that contain personal experience of the amputees suffering from phantom pain are difficult to find.In consequence, that the  research proposal is fundamented in the first person perspective, is crucial to make  firstly my own archive of experiences. For this purpose  the methods of data collection that are going to be used are surveys and interviews.Each method has been consider for the complementation between each others. The main disadvantage with the survey is securing a high degree of involvement by respondents (Robson,2002). Which is as well and advantage with the interview, in the way that the person interviewed is participating in a real time conversation.Similarly, this active interaction between the interviewee and the interviewer can become negative when the study group is considered a vulnerable group as are the people who have suffered the amputation of one of its members. When talking about such sensitive issues, the mistake could be made the person interviewed feel uncomfortable or unwilling to talk about any point of the  experience.The type of interview that has been chosen because of its relevance is the Unstructured interview in a first place it is propped because the study focuses on the meaning of particular phenomena to the participants (Robson,2002). Likewise the platform that is going to be used for the survey is google forms.For any of the methods mentioned before is is crucial evidence that are going to be taken with all the ethical considerations necessary, having said that respecting de anonymity/confidentiality by changing names and places is required. Equally, Any recorded contribution, in written form, on tape etc., or in notes taken from the interview by the interviewer, should be used in accordance with the wishes of the interviewee. After analysing the results of the  surveys and interviews, a practice based research will be carry on in the workshop guiding an object based research.

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