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The SWOT Analysis is a
technique or an approach that is used by organization and corporates to help
inform their best strategy to help achieving their mission, vision and future
growth. On this Paper my company of interest is the popular ridesharing company
Uber that have brought a disruptive business

Source: Pestle Analysis

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1.      Well
recognized brand
2.      High-edge
service proved drivers and cars. Uber black users enjoy very high standards
3.      Has unlimited
fleet of vehicles
4.      Has no
responsibility to drivers
5.      Very little
6.      Prices are
lower compared to traditional cabs
7.      High
valuation. Attractive to investors

1.      Idea is easy
to copy
2.      Relationship
between Uber and  drivers is ethically
3.      High cost of
operating to drivers
4.      Unpredictable
business model
5.      Company privacy
issues have raised questions.

1.      Customers
aren’t happy with traditional cabs due to high prices and lateness
2.      Possibility of
exploiting big markets like India
3.      Suburban areas
have opportunity for Uber
4.      Raise in the
number of Uber driver reduces waiting time
5.      Raising
valuation attracts more investors.
6.      Additional
services like delivery of goods transport of patients, children to schools

1.      Driver unhappy
with low profit margins
2.      Some
regulations like in Germany that burn Uber from operations
3.      Problems with
local authorities damages the company PR
4.      Increasing
5.      New markets
have had fraud cases.



Threats to Business.

Uber has recently faced threats on it business model that has
halting of the company services in other countries. A good example is Germany;
some other countries have started imposing regulations due to frauds in the new

With the SWOT analysis
approach the Company can make an informed decision on the opportunities that
include taking its services to new market, modification of the business through
introduction of new services like products delivery and ambulance service.


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