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The authors of this commercial used foreshadowing,symbolism, realism and mood to achieve its purpose of highlighting someone thatwill go great lengths to seek new opportunities. To showcase the human spiritof determination, hard work and grit. That no matter where you’re from if youembody those characteristics you shouldn’t be stopped from achieving your goalsand conquering the opportunities ahead of you.

 The creators of this commercial clearly achievedthis purpose effectively. 84 lumbers are an American building materials supplycompany that was founded in 1956 by Joseph Hardy, a company that values hardwork, opportunity, room to grow, and success. American people are facing someof the hardest issues of our time, one of these issues being immigration. Thecountry has begun an uproar ever since Donald trump voiced the feelings of manyAmericans, feelings in regard to immigration, taxes, etc. Feelings that manyfeared to voice with the fear of being judged, seen as a racist, ignorant, notup to date, etc. People from foreign countries are seen as a threat by some butto others such people are just that, people.

One of the biggest issue withimmigration is people crossing the border illegally, its clear that in someform that is wrong but building a wall isn’t the solution. A wall stretchingover 1,000 miles keeping immigrant from coming to this country, a wall designedto keep immigrants out. A wall with no door, a wall that crushes the dreams andhopes of those who have worked so hard. 84 lumber believes the wall isn’t righta wall without a door for those with the will to succeed, the will to workhard, the grit, is not what 84 lumber stands for. They expressed what they feltin this powerful ad, an ad so powerful many people questioned their own beliefson immigration.

            Oneway the creators of this ad did so well to achieve their purpose was the use ofrealism. The ad portrayed the great hardship people from Mexico go through toachieve their dreams, the hardships they go through to seek new opportunity. Inthe beginning of the commercial one can easily see the poverty the mother andthe daughter live in, the home is very dusty and shaky looking.

The walls arecovered in shirts and pants to keep the cold out. The authors does this to givethe viewer a better look as to the what a family in great poverty must do inorder to keep warm. We here in America sometimes take such things for granted,such things as warmth, warmth that this mother and daughter struggle to get.The ad then goes on to show the mother reminiscing on pictures of her familyand friends, cherishing the last few memories she can get. She walks out andkisses her father, the father filled with sadness but yet also hope, thegrandpa hands the granddaughter one last gift as he sees them walk down the sunup. These two scenes are so real so strong that as viewer you cant help butfeel what they are feeling. The emotions in their eyes are so genuine and thecreators goal of making you feel like your there is accomplished through suchcrisp realism. The setting takes place in actual Mexico, a real village in Mexicoadding so much authenticity to the ad as a whole.

The village looks so poor,car models from 20-30 years ago, buildings falling apart, and what stood outthe most elderly people doing work that someone their age shouldn’t be doing.The journey itself, of getting to the border, is captured so well. From everycheck point; buying food, the thunder, the dirt on their clothes, everything wasportrayed as it is. Towards the end, the mother and daughter realize that thewall had been built.

The mother drops to her knees in tears and you can see thedaughter hand her a flag, it makes one relate and be put in their shoes. The strengthour loved ones gives us is shown so realistically in this scene. The creators madeeverything in this ad so realistic so surreal.            Anothergreat rhetorical device the creators used so well in this ad was symbolism.Throughout the whole ad the creators show so many things that symbolizesomething so strong.

The mother and the daughter wake up and walk through atunnel, very dark, but has a light at the end. Before this scene the mother isin the home looking at pictures of her family, tears in her eyes. That sets upthe tunnel scene so well, showing that in life we make so many sacrifices, leaveso many things behind in order to achieve our goals. The tunnel representing thehardships in life and the light representing that at the end of the path there’salways hope, even if everything that gave you hope is was left behind. The wayto the border is a huge symbol of hard work and perseverance.

This mother anddaughter went on this road filled with danger but not once did they give up.There was rain, thunder, sever heat, getting on moving trains, coyotes, lifeand death encounters but they didn’t give up. No matter how hard things go forthe two they kept going and working towards the end goal. They did all this orderto get to the United states and seek new opportunities for a better life. Thestrongest symbolism in this ad had to have been the U.

S flag that the daughtergave her mother. Through the whole journey, at every check point, the littlegirl kept a piece of something. From the candy wrapper of the candy her grandpahad given her to the ripped plastic bag, the girl saved up.

Through everything shesaved along the journey she managed to make the flag. Every bit of tat flagholding a memory along the way. It represented the American Dream, the dreamthat if you work hard enough and save up, persevere through all the hardships,and never give up, one can achieve their goals.            Lastlythe creators utilized mood very effectively in this ad. One couldn’t help buttruly feel the pressure of everything that was being portrayed, the feelingsand the emotions of the mother and daughter. The journey the mother and thedaughter went through was filled with gloomy settings, creating a dark and suspensefulmood.

The beginning of the journey began with thunder and rain as the pair ranthrough it all and ended with the sun shining through the door on the wall. Beforethe light there was darkness. As the viewer one could truly feel the disappointmentof the mother and daughter as they walked up to the door. The disappointment andgrief.  This stood out the most for themood progressed as the journey did, the light shining through that door broughthappiness and relief to not only the mother and the daughter but the viewers.

Notonly was the mood utilized so well but the transitions of mood.            Thecreators truly did a great job of effectively achieving their purpose via thisad. Through every scene in this add one could see the great lengths someonewill go through to achieve success, the grit to make it through any condition,and the perseverance to adapt to any situation or challenge. The rhetoricaldevices were used extremely well, from symbolism to mood the ad captured itall.                 

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