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“The last time we mixed religion and politics, people were burned at the stake; if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one” (Oakley 2016). The choice to have an abortion should be up to the individual, not up to government, and if people think that it is wrong, then it is their choice to not have an abortion. Women should be allowed to have abortions because pregnancy should never be mandatory. The people who don’t agree with having abortions are called “pro-life supporters.” The pro-life supporters believe that the second someone become pregnant they are having a baby, and that killing that baby is considered murder. Yet there are a variety of reasons to have or not have an abortion. This is why it should be a choice because it should be an individual’s decision based on that person’s scenario. Women are entitled to their own rights and should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies, because it is simply human rights, the government should not be allowed to interfere. All across the United States the issue of the legalization of the right for a women to choose if she would want to terminate her pregnancy has been wildly debated in and out of court systems. Abortion currently, by federal law, is legal up to the ninth month of pregnancy (Wikipedia 2017). Some states have restrictions  on abortion and how and when they can happen. Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, and D.C. are the only states that allow Abortions up until birth for any reason (Live Action 2016). Many states also have restrictions on parental consent to have the abortion of both parents if under 18. If over, 18 usually both parents must consent to the abortion (Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation 2017). So that means women don’t have the right to get abortions without the father also wanting one. However they should be legalized without conditional universally throughout the United States. Human life doesn’t have a start or end point. It’s more a gradual change. People who believe in pro-life, life begins at conception (Quora 2013). But a fertilized egg does not equal human life. Pro-choice believers say life begins at birth, and at conception baby isn’t a baby  but a collection of cells that will gradually form life (Quora 2013). Every week the clump of cells grows bigger and more human like. At 40 weeks when most women give birth is when the baby is at its closest to being human inside the mother’s body. The rest of the growing happens once the baby is born. But there really is no point where a baby is considered alive or not. PREgnancy doesn’t just happen where one day there is just cells and the next there is a whole baby, it’s a gradual process, but at any point in this gradual process of pregnancy a women should be allowed to terminate the pregnancy. You can currently legally have an abortion up to 28 weeks(PA Abortion Law 2017). But women need the right to be able to decide to have an abortion at any point in the pregnancy. Even if it the week before birth. That may not seem like a good decision but women deserve the right to make that choice. Abortions can be mentally and physically damaging to a woman’s body. About 10% of pregnant women and 13% of postpartum women deal with some sort of mental disorder, the most common is depression (Odyssey 2016). Postpartum depression usually occurs within the first week or two after birth. Doctors say it is linked to the large drop of hormones in the woman’s body (Health 2015).  Women also go through a lot of pain and growing during pregnancy which can also cause more mental problems. Feet get swollen, breasts grow, and obviously the belly grows (Livescience 2016). When a woman’s belly starts to expand with the size of the baby, not only is it painful but it can change a woman’s body forever. She could be left with stretch marks, or her body will not go back to the size it was before pregnancy (Livescience 2016).Some women decide to get abortions because they can’t afford a child or can’t offer a good life to them. Women who don’t have a lot of money and live in inner cities usually tend to get abortions more often. This is because they know a poor lifestyle isn’t something any child should be raised in. In America to raise a child to the age of 18 it cost approximately $245,340 (Huffington Post 2014). Facts show that a child born into a poor community is more likely to get in trouble with law (Economic Viewpoint 1999). In cities where abortions are legal there are less crime rates. There are also less students to dropout of schools. And Children are less likely to get into drug and alcohol abuse (Economic Viewpoint 1999).  Birth control should never be questioned to be available to women. Birth control should also be affordable or even free. Birth control isn’t just for preventing pregnancies. Women use it to help control acne, period cramps, and other period complications (NARAL Pro-Choice America 2017). Birth control is also important for teen girls to prevent unwanted teen pregnancies. Girls, on average, tend to lose their virginity at age 17 (NBC News 2015). So it is important to get them on birth control to not only help them with period pains and skin problems but to not put our young women at risk of getting pregnant. Sex is natural in human life and can even benefit people (Odyssey 2016), and women should be allowed to partake in it, and not have to worthy of the risks of an unwanted pregnancy. If a woman is raped she should never have to carry that child, unless it is her decision to keep it. A woman who is raped and continues to keep the child puts the woman with only a few ways of thinking about the pregnancy. She could either take the pregnancy as a miracle or she will have to think about the disgusting memories from the rape. A lot of rape happens to younger women. Rape drains you emotionally and physically. Pregnancy and raising a child is also emotionally and physically draining. Why would anyone want a young woman to have to go through that without any say in what she wants. After you give birth a woman’s body will never be the same. “It’s not fair to take a young lady in the flower of her youth, brutally assault her, destroy her physique, and take away a fourth of her life. Totally unfair” (Torvald 2017). It should be 100% a woman’s decision to have the baby or not in any circumstance whether it be rape or not. Women in America should not have think twice about abortion. It should be allowed to any women at any point in a pregnancy. Women also shouldn’t need the father’s consent to pregnancy. If she wants to abort the father shouldn’t be able to be the deciding factor on what happens to the woman’s body. Because women go through many changes when pregnant and a man should decide if she should have to go through that. The government needs to step into this situation by stepping out of women’s lives and letting them decide what is best for her family.

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