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Coral Divers Resort started operations ten
years ago and situated on the southwest coast, which is the island of New
Providence in the Bahamas. This resort has three-acre property, beach access
and six units with additional features of resources that customer’s needed for
their trip.  Four of the six units had been modified with new paint, tile floors, a
microwave, a color television. Greywell
always tried to operate upgraded units primarily for family and couples.

             Besides this, the resort also had six unit fixed motel-type structure, a small family
restaurant, and bar located at some
distance. This resort was certified with PADI and NAUI and had 11 staff members
who include two boat captains, two mates, a
housekeeper, a groundskeeper, a person for the store and four scuba diving instructors. Jonathon is a full- time trainer, and his wife is a part-time
worker who takes care of administrative activities.

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            He had built a strong reputation for the Coral Divers Resort
which provided not only secure and experienced scuba diving but also beachfront
location. Coral Divers Resort was one of the well-regulated resorts all over
the Bahamas in New Providence. Most of the diver preferred his resort among all
other tourist resorts in the Caribbean.

             The declined in the business and
unprofitability in the past years of Coral Divers Resort put stress on the
Greywell’s mind that how he can increase the revenue of his resort and fix the
problems that his business experience.
Based on the previous year’s loss he requires consulting assistance to
implement a knowledgeable and strategic decision-making
process to address a Coral Divers resort’s performance for the better future of
the company.




            Many changes have appeared within the company over the past year. In the year 2008,
revenues were negative, that is, $5174. This problem arose because Coral Diver
Resort is a smaller resort on the island
which offered some different types of dives. The
annual revenue for Coral Divers reached to $554,000,
and profits had been in the two percent range. During
the high season, Greywell’s resort bookings ran 90 percent of capacity
and 50 percent of capacity during the low season. In the year 2008, bookings
were flat for the first six months.

the business was not making a profit, it
provided sufficient income to Greywell and his wife, Margaret, and their two
kids. He discussed with other operators and noticed that quality service of the
resort was excellent; the main reason for the continued decline in revenues was that no strong character differentiates the Coral Divers from the
different diving and resorts.

            Also, the main issue with his diving
operation is that his Coral Diver Resort
does not include any product or service that distinguishes them from other competitors, and also they do not have goods or services for families or couples. The
current situation of the resort mainly focuses the importance of consulting
project to achieve the present and future needs
of the business.




An exploratory
SWOT analysis acknowledges numerous challenges facing the organization:

Factors (Strength
and Weakness)


Declining revenues over
past few years

Unprofitability in


Declining market in
southwest coast

Customers losing their
confidence due to lack of family accommodations

Customers expected
additional features and efficient product or services, which easily meet their


Upgraded the four
cottages cost them a lot of money

Declining assets without
sufficient reinvestment

Human Resources:

Weak relationship with
travel agencies resulting in loss of revenues

Lack of focus on human
resource processes

External Factors (Opportunities and Threats)


Nice weather in Bahamas.

Diving course are
feasible to take.

Different types of diving

Diving resorts are
affiliated with PADI and NAUI.


Customers get attracted
to other resorts because of better accommodation facility.

High cost of travels and

Costs a lot for needed


Project Purpose and Scope


primary objective of the recommended project is to plan and determine the
current situation of Coral Diver Resort and to figure out the different fields
which need to be modified to fulfill the customer’s requirements for their
trip. It also focuses on how to improve the current situation of Coral Diver
Resort by adding different features. It will also examine the best practices or
activitiesthat provide support to enhance the revenue and to manage the current
situation of the resort.This project will maintain through a research-based methodology,
and the analysis of the present situation will provide help to establish
recommendations for improvement.


Diver Resort will become one of the best scuba diving resort in the overall
Bahamas by following this consulting project. It also distinguishes the resort
from other competitors, relocates to another place and alsofocuses on family
oriented vacations which result to increase the investments to present
business. Further, recommendations
for development depends on short and long-term requirements of staff, business
and recommended operation plan for a suggestion
where relevant.

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