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The world is a cryptic place. No one is treated equally to the other. When speaking about equality mostly the poor is being deprived of rights. This includes migrants, peasants, farmers so on and so forth. LaLa World is a revolutionary cryptocurrency launched with the intention of bringing justice to the doorsteps of immigrants. LaLa’s ambition is not limited, it is boundless. In fact it aims to move the world towards the direction of a financial ecosystem.In the world today more than 2 billion people do not have banking access to even use basic financial services. They have to go through intermediaries and corrupted infrastructure, suffer high costs with slow and complicated processes. This hinders the overall growth and entrenches poverty. LaLa World is all set to change this financial ecosystem. LaLa World is proposing an integrated biometrics and blockchain technology in order to create a financial ecosystem based on digital identification called LALA ID. Focusing towards the inclusion of the under banked and the underserved in the financial world.LaLa world eradicates the requirement for mediators which powerfully decreases payment periods and create effectiveness letting someone and everybody to take part in the worldwide economy, whether you live in South East Asia, Europe, Middle East or Africa. The Goal of LaLa world is to aid you to join to the international economy endowing entrepreneurship, supporting you and bringing wealth to your family and community. LaLa wolrd presents it’s Lala Wallet – an innovative secure and easy to use platform which lets you pay your bills, store, spend and transfer fiat and cryptocurrencies to anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost. As peer to peer or as well as micro loans at 0% fee through your smartphone. Cash is still the King. So the LaLa Wallet effortlessly allows you to locate a LaLa Store to top-up and catch on regardless of a bank account. LaLa Wallet transactions are reliable, quick, secure and inexpensive with 100% backed by Etherium based cryptocurrencies. As a result money can move around the continents at the speed of the blockchain. LaLa World aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and micro entrepreneurs transact. You can make national and international payments, borrow money and related products like insurances, cards wealth and other general banking products by harnessing the power of Etherium and Hyper Blockchains. LaLa World sets on a mission to empower the under banked with a brand new financial services ecosystem.  Features LaLa World aims to eliminate poverty and boost economic growth by creating a peer to peer, decentralized financial ecosystem with the help of blockchain technology. Although many other cryptocurrencies state that they are completely decentralized, nowhere on Earth can you see decentralization in such as pure form as in LaLa World. In fact as in Bitcoin you need miners to keep the system running. When it comes to La La World you don’t need huge mining rigs. Just the smartphones of participants would be enough in this network. Moreover, the LaLa world platform is scalable and efficient which means that about two million transactions are intended to take place in a second. The most significant thing is the privacy and unrestricted access allowed by the platform. Folks like immigrants work really hard for their money. So it is undeserved if they do not have full access to their own money. Almost every bank limits the adoption of banking for the poor and they keeps on continuing this. With LaLa World banks can no longer do this. The LaLa World Ecosystem Economy works well when everyone is included and no one is excluded. LaLa World hopes to include everyone in the global digital economy by a colossal ecosystem. Let’s identify the key features of this ecosystem.The first is the Lala Wallet – the LaLa Wallet is the only pint of access to the multitude of commercial services provided in the LaLa World ecosystem. It lets you transfer, lend or bill cash payments with a few swipes of your fingertips. Since smartphones are much cheaper nowadays and almost everyone in the world has a smartphone it makes smartphones a good entry point for the unbanked to connect to the LaLa ecosystem. The LaLa wallet supports all the major cryptocurrencies such as DASH, ETH, BTC, LALA so on and so forth.  Next in the list comes the LaLa ID – the LaLa ID. The process of transacting using the LaLa wallet stats by creating your own digital ID which is valid worldwide. LaLa has a vision in mind and that is to create a digital identity for everyone in the world which is unique and secure and also available to you at any time. LALA World has worked strenuously with its associates to construct a solitary universal identity organization which contains KYC/AML, cards, verification, digitization of archives, biometrics, countrywide ID schemes etc The LaLa Token – the LaLa Token is the major cryptocurrency around which the platform is centered. Abbreviated as LALA. Although LALA is the major cryptocurrency of the LaLa wallet some other cryptocurrencies can be found in the wallet such as DASH, ETH, BTC, LALA so on and so forth. The LaLa transfer – the LaLa transfer is based on the LALA Wallet, LALA ID and LALA Token. These are the main components of the LaLa ecosystem. The LALA Card – when participants get access to the wallet they can chose to order a LALA Card, a physical debit car or a credit card. The LALA wallet has a special function dedicated to allowing the users to unlock or lock their card as a precaution measure. The fees are way more cheaper compared to traditional cards such as VISA and MASTERCARD. The LaLa Kit – as the legendary Steve Jobs has said that software cannot solve all the challenges of technology, hardware has to play an essential role in it. LALA world has decided to supply its customers with a kit including an android phone, a LALA Card and a QR code designed specifically for each person.

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