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The death penalty is the implementation of the ethical-legal principle
according to which the State can legitimately decide to take the life of a
person. However, when facing the lists of those condemned to death, one gets
the impression of being in front of a power that eradicates weeds instead of
curing them.

Supporters of the death penalty assume that the fundamental
responsibility of a State is to defend the community at all costs and that
those who respect the law are entitled to greater protection than those who
disregard it. Moreover, they believe that those who commit crimes must pay and
that there are faults for which no punishment, except death, constitutes the
right sentence. In their opinion, the State does not repay evil with evil, but
merely defends society from the danger of the perpetrators, thus preventing
dangerous subjects from committing crimes. Supporters of the death penalty, in
fact, attribute a deterrent function to it, as for them the harshness of
punishment is sufficient to prevent the crime being committed.

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Those who oppose the death penalty do it above all for moral reasons.
Beyond the atrocity of this mean, detractors believe that no man, either
individually or as a representative of a State, has the right to take the life
of another man, regardless of the seriousness of the faults committed. The fact
that the death penalty is irreversible and cannot compensate those unjustly
condemned is, apparently, not a sufficient reason to suppress it.

To detractors, the death penalty contravenes the principle that a
sentence must not aim to the pure punishment, but at re-education and recovery
on the human and social level: and what recovery will be possible for a dead?

A valid and less grim alternative to the death penalty is a life
sentence. The ultimate aim of this procedure is to incarcerate for life those
who committed a heinous crime. The life sentence has theoretically no purpose
other than that of containment and, therefore, guarantees safety to the
community from possible risks. Consequently, keeping a person on life
imprisonment is the ideological equivalent of sentencing someone to the death


The eBook is spreading widely, and nowadays many people own an eBook
reader. The electronic book conquers increasing market shares, and booksellers
begin to worry, frightened by a future in which bookstores could become

The invention of eBooks triggered a heated debate, from which it is
difficult to draw a conclusion. Readers, in fact, argue on if eBooks are better
than traditional books.

As demonstrated by many, the advantages of digital books are countless.
In addition to being economical and light, eReaders allow you to carry hundreds
of books in your bag. Moreover, you can easily and instantly download any type
of book for little money or even for free: the growing electronic reading
market offers over thousands of titles in digital form and numerous types of
devices with diverse functions. EReaders, in fact, allow simple commands to
make annotations, comments, searches, and shares. Furthermore, digital books
are also friends of the environment: in fact, eBooks have a lower environmental
impact than paper books.

For most readers, a book is an invaluable object, especially when it
carries a story of rare beauty. The readers who remain faithful to the paper
affirm that the sensory perceptions of the book are too important to substitute
a book with a digital one. The charm of the printed book is undeniable, and
readers still need to flip through the pages, feel the roughness of the paper
under the fingertips, and smell a scent that already tells itself a story. What
is certain is that using an electronic device will deprive the reader of the
smell and contact of the paper. Moreover, readers can borrow books and, on the
contrary of an eReader, traditional books are mostly unbreakable, and do not
run out of energy.

Personally, I think the development of new technologies, in this case,
does nothing but benefit humanity. Nevertheless, a paper book will never be
replaced by the electronic one. Readers should not deprive themselves of the
pleasure of spending time in bookstores and buying some traditional books,
instead of lazily searching the web for a new story.

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