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stuff you’re making is getting cheaper. The stuff you need is getting more
expensive. That’s why you feel so squeezed.” (Thompson, 2011) When
mentioning child development, we often review a child’s background including
the environment or even demographics. The common view we have on children in
lower-income household is that they tend to do worse in terms of education and
health compared to the higher-income households. However, it is not coherent if
the different is due to their financial situation or other factors in the
child’s life. This could include the parent’s own level of education and the
behavior displayed by people in the child’s life. For example, in a behaviorist
view a student might do better than another in academics if he/she is praised.
According to the parental approach do they follow a systematic role and give
punishment/rewards? This makes me question if household income plays a huge
outcome in a student’s success or should the focus be on bettering school
systems and parenting capability.

second article’s title states “30 Million in Poverty Aren’t as Poor as You
Think”, this is what the Heritage Foundation declares, and the reasoning is
because the “…poor have access to air conditioning, television, and a car.”
(Thompson, 2011) A graph from the year 2005 shows the various amenities that
poor U.S Households have with refrigerator, television, and stove/oven ranking
in the 97% rank. Looking at the figures made me redefine what is considered as
“poor” or who falls below the poverty line. According to The Department of
Health and Human Services the guideline for a household of four is an annual
income of around twenty-five thousand. Give or take around four thousand for
each additional person in the household. Trying to relate it into my own shoes
I decided to look at the expected income needed for a household of seven
people. The figure was around thirty-seven thousand yearly for the forty-eight
states excluding Alaska and Hawaii. This was a wake-up call to remember what
below the poverty line means and not just having the image of random strangers
not having a home. Being below the poverty line could mean that you have access
to numerous of amenities and I agree with the article in that aspect but still
having these amenities is it enough to say that education doesn’t differ
between a higher and lower-income household? “…even America’s poorest have
access to relatively cheap electronics that weren’t available to even the
world’s richest a century ago. But that doesn’t disqualify then from
old-fashioned definition of poverty.” (Thompson, 2011)

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at the data provided by the U.S Census Bureau we can compare the percentage of
American living below the poverty line. In 2011, the percentage was at one of
its lowest points standing at 11.3% compared to 2013 at 14.5%. However, the
article does state that the numbers don’t factor in government benefits/aid.
3.7 million few people would have been excluded from the data provided in the
graph analysis. (Gongloff, 2014)

does money affect children’s outcomes? Poverty makes it more likely for a child
to do poorly in academics. Depending on the family’s income they might live in
an area where the school often has deficits in resources and do not have the
amount of funding to provide challenging content and programs for the students
compared to more prosperous areas. Even if a child wanted to attend another
school out of their area they would have to find their own accommodation in the
means of transportation. Children from low-income families may also find
themselves having difficulties with social/emotional development. According to impulsiveness, getting along with others, disobedience, and
lower self-esteem in associated with children who are in family poverty.

has been many propose solution to decrease the percentage of American that are
below the poverty line. One of the contributing factors for children to
continue living in poverty is because of their guardians who do not have a job.
Increasing programs that assist families in food and health can help address
these matters. 

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