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The poetic devices I want to discussabout the song are metaphor, hyperbole and personification. By way ofdefinition, a metaphor is a figure of speech containing an implied comparison,in which a word or phrase ordinarily and primarily used of one thing is appliedto another (Your Dictionary, n.d). Likewise, a hyperbole is an exaggeratedstatement or claim not meant to be taken literally (Dictionary, n.

d). Finally,personification is defined as the attribution of a personal nature or humancharacteristics to something non-human, or the representation of an abstractquality in human form (Dictionary, n.d).”Lifeis a highway” is a metaphor which refers to life as a journey with manybumps and turns. Also, “I wanna ride itall night long” is a hyperbole which is not meant to be taken literally.Cochrane is explaining his passion for life.

Another hyperbole in the song is “It’s in my blood and it’s all around”.This is also not to be taken literally. He is saying life is close to him andeverywhere.

The final hyperbole to discuss is “There’s no load I can’t hold”. Here, the writer is indicating thathe will stay strong and never give up. The last poetic device to discuss ispersonification which is reflective in “Whereblues won’t haunt you anymore”. Haunt is a human character trait which isbeing attributed to blues.            Thetone of the song can be described as happiness. This can be seen throughout thesong as it encourages listeners to live their lives to the fullest, doing whateach individual wants to do. The setting of the song is seen as a timethroughout a person’s life. It depicts the difficulties in life, the fast paceof life and how love is in life.

Furthermore, the place of the song is prettymuch anywhere the listener imagines it to be. Life can be imagined as a highwaywith many exits to have an adventure.Life is indeed a journey and shouldbe lived to the fullest. This is the overall theme of this great andinspirational song. The song talks about how there will be problems anddifficulties throughout life which is what makes it a journey and worthwhile.Listener are inspired and are pulled out of the every state of mental, physicaland spiritual exhaustion.

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