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“The more I study science, the more I believe in god” (Einstein 6-6),  said the one of the greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein. (Which might shock any scientist who believes that humans are here because of evolution.) This is a very broad topic and took numerous books and articles to understand the process of both evolution and the most known deism in the United States. To this day scientist still cannot prove why and how humans got here but there are two theories that they have come up with. After examining and researching, the facts, basis and proof of evolution it is clear that there is some form of deism and humans did not get here on alone. One of the world’s greatest scientist believes in a deism. Albert was not a saint but he knew that he always knew from a young age that there was a form of deism that was always there. He grew up in a non religious family but when he was in elementary he went to a religious school and all the way through his life the figure of a deism changed. The fact that the most influential scientist of his time claimed that even though he was not a christian he was not an atheist and that he believes in a deism shows that even he did not believe in everything about evolution. One of the reasons why he did not believe in the theory was because there was a black hole or a gap in the research. Before the 18th century, anything they did not know they claimed that it was some form of deism at work but, in the theory of evolution it claims that humans came from bacteria but, where did that come from? Also if it can just appear how come new bacterias and diseases are not appearing daily? The book “The Evolution of Life” by Linda Gamlin and Gail Vines states that “even the creators of evolution knew that there was a gap in the theory but decided not to change anything.” (8-9) The theory of evolution and how it came to be. Gregor Mendel was the original publisher of this theory and the more commonly know Charles Darwin took his idea and changed it to what he thought was right. Charles Darwin changes this idea to what seemed right to him and currently no one knows what Gregor Mendel’s original idea was. Also if this was tested and proven from fossils how come this is not a scientific law because there is not enough proof in the research to make it a law. The founder of evolution lied about being the creator, what else could he have lied about? The founder of evolution Gregor Mendel invented the theory of evolution but Charles Darwin also claimed to invent it. Though he claimed to have never known or heard Mendel’s idea, while traveling the world he was seen at the university of Vienna where Mendel went to school. If he claims that he never knew that his ideas and Mendel’s were similar what else could he be lying about? Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin always knew that there theories could never be complete until they have enough evidence. So it is practically the battle of evidence. Fossils that prove that there were animals that evolved and adapted, or tombs and artifacts that show that even if the bible is not completely true is based off of real and true events. The only way to prove that evolutions is true would be to form the same bacteria that supposedly created humanity and would have to fly out into space and try and find the same bacteria that no one has a sample of and try and see which ones evolve. Or try and dig up the whole middle east looking for more evidence that proves that the bible’s stories were true, there are already thousand of people trying to find out as I speak. Either way these are both hard to chose from and both hard to back up because there is not enough evidence behind either of them to make them true. The facts and evidence behind evolution and why it cannot be proven. If humans evolved from something why are not humans still evolving? This has been thought of by many and no one yet knows specifically why some say the change in are atmosphere or the air and some say “I don’t know” because there is no proof. Also if humans were constantly evolving why has not the evolutions before us have not evolved into us yet? Many people believe this theory even though it is just someone’s hypothesis.   If this was a law that would mean it was proven and can be backed up but it has not that is why it is still a theory. If humans were evolving and so many scientist claim they can solve evolution and can prove it so there is no bible no spiritual ruins just hypothesis that humans have evolved. So after all of this it might not change some people’s  mind, because many might just love science and would not let the ideas of life be changed from an information essay wrote by a 14 year old. If people love science no one is going to penalize others for that, just know that the leader of science believed in something it might not have been god or anything that even imaginable by a simple mind but he believed that did not humans did not get here on our own. Yet again after examining and researching, the facts, basis and proof of evolution it is clear that there is some form of deism and humans did not get here on alone.

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