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The roaring 20s was a very important and influential time period. The name roaring 20s was given to it because of how many big changes happened. And how many lives it impacted. The roaring 20s was obviously in the 1920s. The roaring 20s had many important topics. One being the Assembly line. The Assembly line was important cause the  arrangement of machines, tools, and workers in which a product is assembled. This was important because the first car was turned off the assembly line. This made it way easier for people to get around and get more done. Also led to more creative inventions in the future. Another important topic was the great migration. The great migration in the 20s was basically in the New York City’s Harlem neighborhood. It became the center of growing african american culture. The Great Migration of African-Americans  lasted from 1916 until 1970, hitting a peak in the 1920s. More than 6 million african americans came from the south to the cities in the north.many African americans headed north, where they took advantage of the need for industrial workers.One of the biggest and most important topics during the 1920s was women’s rights,and the change in woman specifically. The number of working women increased by 25 per cent. In 1920, all women were given the right to vote. Flappers were ladies that smoked, drank, danced, and voted. They cut her hair, and wore make-up. They went to petting parties and they were giddy and took risks. These women we’re the start of the new ways. Woman still today are doing all of those flappers things, It’s normal now. Economic growth was a major topic during the 20s. The Economic growth grew 42%. It made nearly half the world’s total outcome. Average income rose a lot over the years. The growth was from the soldiers coming back from ww1. They brought many skills and ideas back. Woman became independent when the men we’re at war. New inventions were created witch made everything easier when the men we’re off at war. They made an expanded banking industry witch  spurred the purchase of cars, washing machines, and stocks. This made it shift from traditional to free market economy.

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