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The significance of the word nommo it makes things what they are their name makes, them alive as if before it is named it doesn’t have a life does not have a purpose. In this section, Adah realizes why not so many people go to the church or respect her father because every Sunday he says words wrong. He is scaring the people off without him knowing he simply says baptism but in Kikongo, that means to terrify no wonder people are so afraid to be baptized. Muntu means mankind or people also is a word that has different meanings, in other words, describes how everyone is different And is one of the kind in their own way. I think these ways of naming compare to western ways is that just like them. A name makes you who you are it’s what people call you every day and without that its like you are nothing. Just like in the congo a name makes you known like you are something added in this world. Leah’s name in the bible means weary this does not reflect her personality because Leah is a nature child. She loves to be outside exploring the wilderness she has a very wild spirit. Her Kikongo name is lea which means nothing much after she finds this out she starts to act different becoming her true self-stepping out of her shell.  Rachel is very stuck up and self-absorbed she couldn’t care less about anyone in the congo. Her Kikongo name is mvula which is pale white termite this describes her well because she is very pale and also she doesn’t like to go outside. Unless she has to just like the termite only goes out when it rains. Ruth may is bandu which is smallest of all she is just a kid she gets away with doing what she wants more than her sister do. Because she is the baby of the family. Last, of all Adah, her congo name is benduka which is the one that walks crooked even though she has a disadvantaged when she walks she is smarter than. Everyone else and can pick up on stuff no one ever would. At a point, all the price girls and also orleanna met a breaking point where they saw what was going around them was not right. When Ruth May died that’s when orleanna could finally see that what was best for the rest of her daughters was to leave that house. Each one of them saw how much their potential was worth once they stopped following the rules of Nathan. They all became free in their own ways because what Nathan was doing to them he was captivating them in his own little world.   

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