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The Battle of Long Island was one of the first major battles in the revolutionary War. The British had a slight advantage based on troop size. When the British came out to a victory, not all of the Americans were killed. When the British won why did they not kill off all the American troops? If they did, there would be less in battles later on.  The Battle of Long Island took place on a island right off of New York. New York was a major portown for the battle.The British had 20,000 troops when the americans only had 10,000 troops.That explains the British troop advantage. After the fight for Boston, both sides wanted long island. The point of this war was to try and have the most land so someone would rule. Both sides were fighting to take Long Island. The British wore red coats and the americans wore the blue coats. The general’s played a important part of this overall war and specific battle. The head general of the British army was general William Howe. If something were to happen to him or if they needed more commanders there these others: Charles Cornwallis, Henry Clinton, and James Grant. The head general for the Americans was George Washington. Then the others for the americans were as followed: Israel Putnam, William Alexander, and John sullivan. Those were the commanders.The American and British head generals had different tactic plans to attack. The British wanted to go with a big attack. They thought if they went with a extreme attack they could wipe everyone out. Although the americans had plenty of troops go into a full attack, the wanted to go smaller. They wanted to mark off troops one by one. Not necessarily a sneak attack, but it would be ideal to strike the british by surprise. The outcome of the Battle was a victory for the British. There was prime land on Long Island. The victorious group (the British) would have more power. The reason is the more land you had the more control you had. This victory made the American troops retreat. Washington made a desperate attempt to save his team. When they retreated, they went as far as Pennsylvania. When the British won, why did they not kill off all the other Americans? This was not the last battle in the Revolutionary War. If the British failed in killing the troops and the Americans shot some troops from the British, there would be less troops in battles later on in the war. General William Howe did not want to sacrifice his troops. When the Americans retreated, they snuck out of there base in the middle of the night. And the British won the Battle of Long Island.

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