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The association of food is particularly linked to agriculture. The mention of this agriculture is in many places in the Vedas. Krishi Karma is called Krsna. The familiar meaning of the work is also a man. Since the Vedic period, krishi be the primary livelihood of the common people of the society. In Satapatha Brahman wholly it has been described science of agriculture. According to Mahabharata folks who were not exploit cultivation it was prohibited to enter the assembly. In other places of the Mahabharata by the King Duryodhana signs the time of Vaishnava Yanja being propagated in agriculture during that ancient time. This is a clear mention in the economics of Acharyacanakya, which has been through on the basis of the agricultural order for the welfare of society. On the basis of farming, the seeds were sowing only in different seasons.  Prayer has also been done in the mantra of Yajurveda. Get your food by using a stunning male in place of your choice. But in this case, it signifies agriculture – karma only. The effort specially focuses on the ancient texts.

What is the green agriculture?

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Many explanations and definitions are there for green agriculture. But simply meaning is that a systematic method on environmental management. It is regarded as probable ecological and social conflict by reducing the use of synthetics materials such as inorganic manure and extremely harmful pesticide.  

Due to the increase in population, the increase in agricultural production becomes the inevitability. But this has been the causes of environmental problems. Problems are being born for the following reasons.

1. Changes to forest work on forest destruction and integrated land.

2. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc experiments for excessive production.

3. Amount of irrigation and increase in convenience.

4. An increase inorganic communities.

The natural soil maintains a healthy environment and balanced ecosystem. Extra tapping has been imbalance over the natural capacity of the soil. Artificial irrigation, synthetic irrigation, artificial fertilizers, and pesticides are making unmanageable pressure on the soil in the name of the big revolution.

Biomass has a major rule in sustaining the natural quality of the soil. For soil protection, humus is decreasing day by day. Due to the rotation of two crops, the items left immediately after harvesting of crops is given in the proper place instead of being installed properly. This process is used to make available farming for crop immediately after another crop. It prevents environmental pollution by making the atmosphere polluted. This causes the health problems in the rural areas. There are two obvious adverse consequences of the quick action of Revolution. First, elevate the mosquitoes with the high likelihood of malaria. And the second increase of respiratory disorders, the elderly and children. In between the two months of the year, such environmental pollutants typically make the low-lying dump muddy smog for the rustic areas. As a reason of being excessive water supplies due to paddy crop, the water level is getting worsen and in some areas, the problem of water logging is standing.

In Krishiparashar it has been narrated that the general management of agriculture and basic rule for agriculture tools. Henceforth he has suggested that to avail the bio organic manure such as cow dung, grass clipping and panchagavya form the nature. There are many mantras in Arthasashtra it has been highlighted that the important of farming, farmer and food production.  Today also applicable in the field of modern agriculture which has been documented long back ago.   All these bio organic manures are easily prepared by the traditional method, which was practicing in the ancient time. Now a day’s Grass clipping is using as a green fertiliser. It will enlarge the productivity of the soil. For the foremost utility impending, cow dung one of the best forms of the natural manure. The use of cow dung is to enhance the age of soil for agriculture practices as well as to provide the sweet nitrous food and growing with the organic farming. It will also drop off various kinds of harmful daises which people are suffering because of food in 21st century. Offers to enhance and renewable services for the global ecosystem, which is not only provides a higher return on labour but it also lessen the poverty in our society. In Vrkshayurveda has been mentioned that a different kind of organic pesticide to cure the plants without harming environmental balance.

To eliminate these social, environmental and biological problems it’s needs to look down to our great ancient Sanskrit literatures. Our ancestors have narrated such valuable primordial information to get to the bottom of the entire major problem which is produce by modern civilisation of society.  The study of biological science is concerned with in connection the living organism and environmental. While green agriculture means management, protection and conservation of the natural sources of earth and biological disorders. 

Since the creation of world there is a well relationship between human beings and environment. Therefore very early vaidic sages have been uttered in the form of sacred large number of mantra and prayers to address the various deities for the welfare of beautiful creations. Today also we are reminding many times to sustain the forester and balance of the nature. Well as it is the sign of green agriculture by the ancient scholar of great intellectual tradition of Indian. Krishiparashara states that human beings and agriculture fully depends upon the water. Devoid of water, agriculture is impossible and lack of agriculture human beings cannot endure in their life in a proper way. Consequently water is interrelation in between the agriculture and human beings. Rains are the only way to fulfil the needs of water for ecological balance. Hence the nature of environmental life cycle system should not be altered by the modern lifestyle of the society.

In Atharvaveda some of the mantras are there where the sages have been invoked to the deity of rain for their good harvest of crops. Rain   only protects the natural water resource for the earth and shakes it with the same rain streams. Barley and rice are produced due to large amount of water supply. Sufficient water is needs for rice, lack of rain it cannot be possible for paddy crops.  It has been mentioned in the Atharvaveda there are five types of agricultural workers reside on this land. These five types of people reside happily, as are the scholars, heroes, businessmen, craftsmen, and servants. It is the mother of different divisions.

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Atharvaveda says that earth and rain respectively is our mother and father.  Both of them fulfil our wishes. Land mother provides milk instead of water to all living organ of the world. So there is a close relationship between human beings and nature.

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Agriculture and life are produced by the rain. The rain which is solely depends upon the monsoon. The science of nature creates the monsoon. Monsoon is an Arabic term which is imitative from Mausam. Monsoon means wind flow six months form land to Ocean and another six months from Ocean to land in a year. The direction of wind depends upon nature high temperature and low-pressure theory. On the basis, this theory rain starts during the end of the summer season in the large potential. Still, Indian irrigation system is not developed as we need the water for well farming. We used to deals with in the natural water irrigation system for agriculture. In general monsoon comes during the months of June – September while means the direction of wind flows from south to east. These variations are changing due to the seasonal varying of Ocean. After that the weather is suitable for excellent and wealthy agriculture on the earth.


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In ancient India quantify for rainfall was Aadhaka (???). During that time sage has scheduled four types of clouds the Avarta, Samvarta, Puskara and Drona. All are different from each other by the nature of rain. Parashara has classified measurement of rainfall with respect to the various types of clouds. The evaluation of Kautilya Arthashastra rainfall was measured in Drona.

It has been believes that just as of a person of the characters cultivates in the village, the same way they are doing in the old age. For the land where there is cultivation, fertilization is required to keep the fertile farm. The land will produce only the customary food, so that when it will get fertilizer. It was composted of cattle, especially cow’s cow dung.

That’s why. The name of the curable dung is. Its sticks are also known as Kasi in the country. There is a disadvantage of kassiness. Farming carries the welfare of society. If agriculture is successful then society is also rich in wealth. Prosperity is a part of society it’s going down due to lack of agriculture.

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