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The business type which I have selected is the Retail sector into
small and medium enterprise. Whenever any small and medium enterprise selects a
software budget is very important criteria for the Organization. As for any
small medium enterprise they can’t spend beyond a certain limit which crosses
their budget. As far as the 3 applications which I have chosen for the
particular Retail enterprise, I have made some distinguished comparisons
between the 3 software’s which will enable to know more about the software. The
attributes which I have considered for my software are Pricing, Data Security,
Sustainability, User-friendliness, Accessibility and Interoperability.


The first evaluation is about Pricing. When pricing factor is considered
all the 3 software’s have different pricing models with Proworkflow being the
cheapest and Smartsheet being the most expensive software. Asana is the
mid-range of software’s. As my business selected is into small and medium scale
enterprise, pricing is a key factor to select from the particular software’s.
As in any kind of small and medium enterprise allocation of budgets for a given
task or project is very important.

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evaluation of pricing models for My Food Bag are as follows


Proworkflow: The lowest
price is $10 NZD and the advanced software is $30 NZD, the advanced software is
offering many features compared to other software’s in this price range, this
will be beneficial to My Food Bag as the initial investment amount is less
compared to other software’s, they are also offering data security and features
like Task Management, Inventory Management, Report tracking status, Invoicing, Work
breakdown report, orders and notifications for the food delivery application.


Asana:  In Asana software the lowest version is free
for certain number of days, the professional version is of $10 USD and the
Enterprise version can be customized accordingly. In the professional version
there are certain features which are very lucrative such as No team member
limit, unlimited dashboards, admin control, task dependencies and custom fields
but it is customized version and is expensive than Proworkflow in the following
price range against the features offered.


Smartsheet: As far as
pricing is concerned Smartsheet is the most expensive software amongst all the
3 software’s. They have 4 different pricing models Individual, Team, Business
and Enterprise.

The individual model is of $14 USD per user per month. The team
model is of $15 USD per user per month for improved team productivity and
execution. The business model is of $25 USD per user per month to drive
executions and automated actions. As for my required business, the features are
being offered at an expensive price than the other 2 software’s.



evaluation of Data Security are as follows


As far as data security is concerned all the 3-software’s offer
good amount of data security for the Business. As the business is small and
medium scale, there is lot of competition in this segment so it is very
important to keep the Customer data secured and also the Confidential Profit,
Loss Statements, Marketing Campaign data, Revenue Generation models, Year over
year growth reports so data security is one of the most important attributes in
the Business.


Proworkflow: Proworkflow
offers data security with 128-bit encryption with SAS70 type 2 centres. Backups
of data are done on regular basis.


Asana stores customer data
with Amazon Web Services. Amazon employs a robust security program with
multiple certifications, including an SSAE 16 and SOC Certifications. For Enterprise customers, Asana guarantee’s
encryption the connection to is encrypted with 128-bit encryption
and supports TLS 1.1 and above. Connections are encrypted and authenticated
using AES_128_GCM and use ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism. Asana
supports forward secrecy and AES-GCM, and prohibit insecure connections using
RC4 or SSL 3.0 and below. Logins and sensitive data transfer are performed over
TLS/SSL only.  (Melissa Ross, 2013)


Smartsheet: Smartsheet offers data encryption for stored data with NIST approved
Ciphers. There is also 3rd party assessment by an external security
firm. They provide SAML2 Integration for Enterprise version which supports all
identity providers. (Smartsheet, Security, n. d)


The Evaluation of Sustainability are as follows:


As far as Sustainability is considered
Smartsheet and Proworkflow are the most sustainable software amongst the 3.
Asana are not as sustainable as Smartsheet the reason being it is complicated
to adapt to the modifications made in future as there is good amount of
security being enabled in the software. If any new products is launched by the
business the software should be sustainable to integrate and modify according
to different needs.


The Evaluation of User-friendliness are as follows:


When user-friendliness is
considered Smartsheet and Proworkflow is the easiest to use, as in the software
all the instructions are mentioned at the right places and directions. All the
3 software’s have the own Android and iOS applications. In all the 3 software
applications there is free customer service provided which enables a user to
clarify their doubts when needed. There is also a chat pop-up box which enables
the user to clarify their doubts online itself. Also before the start of the
application we have a video tutorial guide which helps us to know more about
the software and its features. They also have provided with a landline number
which enables you to call 24/7 if you have any doubts regarding the usage of
software. For the employees in My Food Bag it is very important to adapt to the
new software and learn how to use it, so the software has to be user friendly.
In all the 3 software’s there is a dashboard feature which gives most of the
instructions and commands on the home page itself.




The Evaluation of accessibility are as follows:


All the 3 software applications are highly
accessible as they have their own desktop applications and widgets. As all the
3 applications are cloud based software, it is easy to access from anywhere in
the world with an internet connection. The desktop applications and widgets
make it very easy for the user to use the applications as they don’t have to
switch again from the web browser to check the content or the work they left
from. Cloud based software application also helps if one of the system stops
working, the work can be accessed from other systems and the work doesn’t stop.
In the Food Delivery business, time management plays an important role, since
delivering food on time is very important and for the employees also it is very
important to perform the tasks and get the inventory ready in the given time
frame. Cloud based software service will be helpful when the Business expands
in other parts of the World, so the same software can be used from multiple
locations to carry out the Business Operations.



The Evaluation of Interoperability are as follows:


As far as interoperability is considered all
the 3 software’s are interoperable with most other project related software’s.
This always becomes an added advantage if the software is interoperable with
other applications. In the food delivery business, it will be an advantage if
the software’s are interoperable with Xero, Kashflow, Google Drive, Salesforce.


Xero and Kashflow are accounting
applications, salesforce is about sales revenue and customer retention. In the
food delivery business, it is always an advantage to track the sales target,
projection reports and have a backup of data in Cloud Computing Software’s.


Proworkflow: Proworkflow can be integrated to other business-related software
applications such as Xero, Quickbooks desktop, MYOB Account right, Kashflow,
Box, Zapier, Google Drive, Drop box, One drive and freshbooks. All these
software applications make it easier for the Business to carry out their daily
tasks and track all the records of customers, inventory and sales reports.


Asana: Asana can be integrated to other business-related software applications
such as Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Hipchat, Google drive, One
drive, One login, Okta and Zapier.


Smartsheet: Smartsheet can be integrated to other business-related software
applications such as Servicenow, Jira, Evernote, Quip, Dropbox, Google drive,
Salesforce, skype for business and Okta.


As Interoperability integration is considered
Proworkflow can be integrated to most number of software’s which will be useful
for the Business.



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