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The head of HBO has examined the likelihood of there being a Game Of Thrones revival in the years to come.Game Of Thrones season 7 aired a year ago and it was confirmed that the show’s last eighth season won’t air until 2019.Following discuss of conceivable prequels to the show, HBO supervisor Casey Bloys has stressed that it is unlikely that we’re going to see another GoT season.”That is not happening,” he disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter. “This story, A Song of Ice and Fire, is finished. There’s no restoration, reboot, spinoff talk.”Asked as to whether season 8 gives an indisputable end and whether we will see ruler on the Iron Throne, Bloys answered: “I would prefer even not to answer that! Be that as it may.”On whether the unending hypothesis over the show disturbs him, Bloys included: “I don’t mind! I like having a show that makes people speculate about everything. It’s a high-class issue.”Of the five prequel thoughts in progress, Bloys stated: “I’ll do somewhere in the range of zero to five! Well probably juts one. Be that as it may, we’ll see.””I’ve seen some energizing material. We have extremely incredible scholars writing these; it’s exceptionally energizing. Be that as it may, there’s no timetable. Not every person is on a similar schedule, so I’ve seen diversity of various things that could possibly be exciting. Be that as it may, there’s no timetable about when a choice would be made about any of them.”Meanwhile, Jon Snow performing artist Kit Harington clarified why it’s the ideal time for the show to end.Harington conceded that he was “feeling passionate” yet that the end was coming “at the correct time”.”Game of Thrones is reaching a snappy end, which I’m feeling enthusiastic about,” he said. “Thrones is coming to the end at the perfect time for me, and everybody associated with it.”He proceeded with: “I was trading messages with showrunners David Benioff Dan Weiss the previous evening and we were all getting exceptionally emotional with each other.””It be liberating, the possibility of having an entire year free – you shoot for a half year, yet 50% of the undertakings you should need to do will have begun shooting before that a half year is finished,” Harington included.”There’s a ton of things you can’t do. I’m waiting for an end. Eight years is the perfect measure of time. I wouldn’t like it to go on any more drawn out than it has. I have different ideas that I look forward to.

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