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The KLIA Mosque also known
as Masjid Sultan Abdul Samad. It was named after the late Sultan Sir Abdul
Samad ibni Almarhum Raja Abdullah (1804-1898), the fourth ruler of Selangor.
Abdul Samad passed after after a reign of 41 years, in which time he has
fathered 12 children – six princes and six princesses. KLIA Mosque are used as
an international mosque for tourist who arrived and depart from KLIA to pray or
rest while waiting for long transit, besides use as public mosque for Muslims
from Salak Tinggi and KLIA Town Centre.


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The mosque was constructed
by Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad which is an operator of KLIA. The construction
of the mosque began in a years 1997 and was completed in 1999. The mosque was
officially opened on 12 August 2000 by the Regent of Selangor at that time,
Tengku Idris Shah.


It is located 30 minutes
drive from Klia, from airport you can take public transportation that available
such as taxi and bus to go klia mosque.


Sultan Abdul Samad
Jalan Pekeliling,
64000 KLIA, Selangor



The design of this mosque
is based on classic Arabic architecture with dome being the main attraction and
flat-shaped roof. The main dome of this mosque has a repetition technique that
uses an enclosed gate with a transparent mirror that reveals the inner
reinforcement structure and gives a leaf-driven impact. At the foot of the dome
there is a floral motif created from the preparation of colored ceramic tiles.
The cosmic symbol, the moon and the stars, is placed at the top of the dome,
symbolizing the sovereignty of Islam. Although the design of this mosque
building takes Moghul architecture, this mosque floor plan resembles the style
of Malay tradition like the porch around the mosque.Anchors are built in
rectangles that have gothic gates. The makeup of colored tiles forms a
geometric pattern highlighting the beauty of this mosque.

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