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The two main methods that have been used in this proposal are :Surveying students in women campus of Prince Sultan University Conducting research related to students and instructors  performance and productivity .The survey is a conformation of how , indeed , the number of studios in architecture and interior departments in Prince Sultan University is a major problem .The survey was conducted by using survey monkey 1. It was emailed to the architecture and interior design students in women campus of Prince Sultan University . The sample result of 35 students , the majority from Architecture engineer department ,were between junior level  to senior level . The survey showed  that the most common  problem is crowding affects the classroom environment . (100% as it shown in figure 1)Figure 1: first Common Problem The second common problem is that the number of the  students more than the capacity of the studio .(up to 88.5% as it shown in figure 2 )Figure 2 : Second Common Problem  Moreover , all students are unsatisfied with the limited number of studios .Also, they all agreed that they need to provide more studios .  After conducting research and going through several journal articles and case studies , the following articles show how bad environment and clustering affect students performance and productivity . Soewardi, H. , Dila, A. , and Rizkiningtias,  P  (2016 )reported that ,creating good  working environment is a way to boost creativity and productivity . This condition will lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness. It also influences the comfort level of the students.  Working  environment factors that should be considered includes noise , temperature, smell, and air circulation  . Ignoring one of them may affect the comfort level , causing less productivity , stress , insomnia, anxiety and unable to focus . “Studies proved that good workspaces environment are more strongly associated with creativity and productivity that it has increased 14% of productivity “.(p. 177)Stephen, F.E (2010) also reported that , crowding affects, verbal behavior and task performance .With the help of two Americans they studies 48 college students and 144 high school students performance in clustered and unclustered classroom . Resulting that classroom with  low and middle clustering  do not aversive , stress , or influence their affective ratings of their subjects. As for high clustering , negative and neutral verbal behavior increased . Neutral verbal behaviors showed in middle clustering too but not as much as in high clustering . It appears that clustering intensified social interaction in a negative manner, supporting the contention that clustering can have detrimental effects on human behavior. Crowding should be dealt with as a multidimensional concept that interacts with different settings, individuals, and activities.(p. 268)Scheduling :Taking into consideration the amount of time it will  take to transfer the regular classrooms to studios and the rearrangement of  the required courses to a different classroom . And the time to purchase enough studio desks and chairs , The whole project may take approximately range between 1 months to 2 months as shown below . Stage 1Approval3-4 Weeks No cost Stage 2Purchasing 90 studios chairs and desks 1 Week62,820 SRStage 3Rescheduling the class  2-3 Weeks No cost Stage 4Transferring the studios chairs and desks 1 weekNo cost Materials and equipment : The only equipments that it need are the following Architectural drawing desks Studio chairs Computer for rearranging the class schedules  .Cost :The following table shows the cost for one set of studio chair and desk and the total of 90 sets  2 . Estimated budget for one set of studio chair and deskEquipment Cost Desk 199 SRStudio Chair 499 SRTotal 698 SRTotal of 90 set 62,820SRTable 1: Estimated budget for one set4.Expected results :The expected result after implementing the suggested solution, enlarge and add studios; Have a huge positive impact on instructors and students conductivity.  Wide open space would make it easier to move and work . Also, the environment would highly be better and more enjoyable. In addition to these result, students creative and productivity would boost, even their behavior and performance.  Instructors will find it easier to work with student and complete the required tasks. “Negative and neutral verbal behavior will evidently decrease too “.( Stephen, F.E ,2010 , p. 268) 5.Conclusion : In conclusion , this proposal emphasizes and highlights the discomfort students and instructors are facing with the number of studios . The scope of this proposal was limited to the architecture and interior design students in women campus of Prince Sultan University . A survey was conducted that showed bad environment and crowding in studio is surely existed . Also a research was conducted too to support my thesis and how truly bad environment and crowding do affect students and instructors in a negative way .large spaces and more number of studios are some solutions to enhance a better environment . The result conformed students’ and instructors’ expectation of having enjoyable environment and smooth space to move and work in .  

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