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The situation here is very
tense. It is a matter of life and death. At this moment in time we must make
one of the most important decision in our life. As we know that this balloon
will crash and only one of us can be saved. Who amongst us deserves to be
saved? Today, I stand before you, my fate in your hands, to prove you why I
deserve to stay alive and why my life should be spared. I am Nelson Mandela. I
was the first black president of South Africa. At the time when apartheid (South
Africa’s brutal and restrictive racial regime) system was at its peak, I was the
one who stood up against discrimination, drove apartheid away and rose to
become global voice for human rights. When I raised my voice against
discrimination, I knew I would have to pay a heavy price. However, that didn’t
stop me from raising my voice. For my efforts towards equality and to end
discrimination against black, I was punished with life imprisonment. I spent 27
years of my life in one of the harshest prison of the world and came out as
stronger, courageous and more determined to accomplish my goal and to right the
wrongs. My struggle was to create a society based on equal rights, justice and
rule of law. I paved the way for true equality in my homeland and set an
example of equality and justice in the entire world. I had given the world a
vision of a society free of racism and prejudice. I am a man of peace, man who
is passionate about equal rights. If I am chosen to be saved amongst us I would
make sure that the people in the world live a fair and indiscriminate life. My death would leave behind a space which will
probably remain unfilled for years. I am asking you to save me because my struggle
was the only successful human rights struggle, which was able to show the world
what human rights stands for and what it can accomplish. Without me the whole
world would be an unfair and less caring place. I now leave the decision on your
wisdom including judgement to choose me as a perfect person who deserves to be

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