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purpose of this chapter is to give detailed description of the methodology used
in the study. The research is an essential tool in leading man towards
progress. Word ‘research’ comprises of two words i.e. Re + Search. It means to
search again. So research means a systematic investigation or activity to gain
new knowledge of the already existing facts. 
Research is also a careful, systematic study and investigation in field
of knowledge or undertaken to establish facts or principles. One can also
define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information
on a specific topic. In fact, research is an art of scientific investigation
and an intellectual activity. The Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English lays down the
meaning of research as “a careful in investigation enquiry especially through
search for new facts in any branch of knowledge”. According to Redman &
Mori, “Research is a systematic effort to gain new knowledge.”

Research has been defined by P.V. Young in the following words, “Social
research may be defined as a scientific undertaking which by means of
logical  and systematized techniques aims
to discover new facts or verify and test old facts, analyse  their sequences, interrelationships and
casual explanation which were derived within an appropriate  theoretical frame of reference , develop new
scientific tools , concepts and theories which would facilitate reliable and
valid study of human behavior.”                        

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methodology is a systematic way to solve the research problems. It is a plan
and procedure for carrying out research scientifically by applying techniques
and strategies for obtaining valid information. The methodology plays an
important role in determining different stages of research. In this chapter discussion
of research design which is used fulfilling objectives and hypothesis have been
discussed. Along with this different method, tools and techniques used for data
collection is also discussed. Also, the, the sampling method and the sources,
tools and methods of data collection used in the study. This chapter is devoted
to the description of the different research procedure and it covers the
following points:

1.      Research

2.      Universe
of the present study

3.      Sampling

4.      Description
of the unit of the study

5.      Tools
and techniques of data collection

6.      Limitation
of the study


1.      Research

family structure of
third gender, their socio-economic status, their social networking, various dimensions and dynamics of inequality
faced by them and the inter-linkages between globalization, inequality and third gender
in Lucknow city. For fulfilling the objective and to collect data the study was
planned and conducted in three stages. In the first level pilot study was
conducted in order to examine the practicability and suitability of the tools
and procedures used in this study. In the second stage, interview schedule was
made in order to collect accurate and reliable data from third gender of
Lucknow city. In third stage with
the help of SPSS analysis and interpretation of data was done. Overall,
the present study is a mixed method approach i.e combination of two types of
data qualitative and quantitative data. Through this method the problem was
approached by a systematic interview method, case study method, non-participant
observation, key informant and focussed group discussion.

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