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The luxury
market takes a huge percentage of the world’s merchandise. Luxury market gives
exclusive and gives the customers an experience and status as well as a
reputation rather than just another product. Most consumers today are more
aware of brand names and designer names seem to be more important than the
product itself. Luxury items are not purchased because the customer need it,
but rather the customer maybe also be looking for something else, as for
example an experience, good quality products, or to get a boost for their
social status and for appearance.

has been existing since 1909, and still stands today as one of London’s best
luxury department stores. Selfridges have developed to be one of the greatest
department stores in the world. Harry Gordon Selfridge born in 1856 in USA,
moved to London from Chicago, he saw a gap in the market in the United Kingdom
when no one else have. Harry Gordon Selfridge always thought London would be a
great place to open a department store and wanted to seize the opportunity when
finding the gap in the UK market. Gordon Selfridge started to investigate the
market and what does the London stores offered. After investigating Gordon
Selfridges found that there was huge pressure on customers to buy, just looking
in stores was not acceptable, store staff expected the customers to know what
they wanted when they came in. There also were some stores who even had guards,
called floorwalkers, they used to deal with timewasters. Selfridge found this
way of shopping very wrong and wanted to chance this in opening his own
department store. He wanted the customers to feel free browsing and not to be
ashamed, as well as making the customers not buy anything until being able to
see it themselves in store, and then to purchase it.

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He gave the
customers the opportunity to feel the products by themselves, which was
something very new to the customers, it was a very new idea and exciting at the
same time.

Which made
the customers desire the products even more.

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