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The story of my professional life is definitely the story of a teaching lover man. I can hardly
remember when it started, but I know the inspiration well. Since the days I was a little
boy, I found myself fascinated by one of my relatives, Dr. Faramarz Alavi Moghadam, an
instructor at the science department of the University of Tehran. When I witnessed his
knowledgeability, his nice personality which was undoubtedly arisen from his pundit
prestige, and how his students venerated him, I fell in love with both chemistry and
During my school days, when I was studying, I always imagined that I was teaching those
matters to an audience. Reading different books, in many diversified fields helped me to
become stronger in the task of tutoring. I always was looking for a classmate who had a
problem with a study matter to teach him about it.
When I entered high school, I became interested especially in some specific parts of my
Physics and Chemistry textbooks. I loved thermodynamics (although at that time ideal gas
equation of state was the only thing I knew about it!), kinetics, material properties and
fundamental chemistry theories. On the last year of high school, the pre-university grade,
during an educational guiding hearing, I told the consulate of my high school that I love
Thermodynamics, reaction kinetics and stuff found in process industry like the distillation
tower (the only separation device I was familiar with in those days). He smiled at told me
that chemical engineering would be the best field of study for me.
In 2012, I participated in National Entrance Exam for Iran Universities and gained the 901st
rank among more than 260,000 participants. Then I was admitted to an undergraduate
program for chemical engineering at Sharif University of Technology (SUT), the most
reputable school among technical universities in Iran. At the University, I studied hard and
accomplished high grades. The 5th semester was the most difficult time for me during my
Bachelor’s. I had to sleep only 5 hours per day in order to fulfill my studies. I even studied
in the bus and subway in my way to the university and back to the home. But after those
difficult days, soon good results showed themselves. My GPA grew even further. I was
accepted as one of the members of National Foundation of Elites, and the most important
one: because of my high grades, I was admitted to the Master’s program of chemical
engineering without taking part in the entrance exam for graduate schools. At that time,
still, one year remained from my Bachelor’s. I knew who were I: A student who is at a
transient but key point of his academic life and who I wanted to be: a knowledgeable
faculty member who loves his job and is eager to teach students, just like my legend Dr.
Alavi Moghadam. To fly toward that goal, I needed to possess two wings: a reach teaching
experience, and a deep industrial insight. I spent that last year to find those two wings and
to quip myself with them. I tutored several students, from very young ones studying at the
elementary school to those who needed my help with one of their courses at the university.
Besides, I read some journals and books about teaching. At the same time, I visited many
industrial sites to gather more information. Most of the times, I was not allowed to observe
the site thoroughly, they only let me see them from far position and hear some of their
meetings. But I harvested as much as was possible from that site seeing experiences. Now
that I knew well what was important in the chemical industry, I improved my programming
and software skills.
At 2016 my Master’s started at SUT in the chemical engineering field of Thermokinetics and
Catalysis. I saw it as a corridor to a Ph.D. program which would lead me to my beloved job, being an active instructor at the university. I supplemented my teaching experience by
doing teaching assistance for a variety of courses. I continued researches in the field of
“Phase Equilibria Thermodynamics” and improved my English language to prepare myself
for applying abroad.
Up to now, I have made several scientific and technical works in different forms like
presentations, term papers, applied software packages and so on. Maybe it was that sharp
concern for teaching which hindered me from publishing research papers sooner than now.
In some of my research activities, I did a broad spectrum of tasks: from buying the
individual parts of a lab-scale chemical reactor from the market to assemble its parts,
running the reaction and doing post processing tests. I see Ph.D. as the most important part
of the preparation for my future academic activities. I have chosen the United States to
study my Ph.D. since I found the Ph.D. program suggested in the country of high level which
is so efficient. After years of researching, I want to participate in a Ph.D. program which
allows me to do my best and not restrains me by virtue of lack of experimental and
technical equipment. Thus I chose the United States to continue my graduate studies.
After searching for the strongest institutions in Ph.D. program of chemical engineering in
data bases provided by accredited sources I chose Yale University to apply for. I investigated
the faculty members of Yale university and their research interests thoroughly and find
professor Amir Hajakbari Balau quite appropriate regarding my own academic interests.
After corresponding with professor Amir Hajakbari Balau and making sure that I have the
required minimum of GPA, and standard tests TOEFL and GRE General Revised Test, I chose
Yale university to apply for. I hope to be eligible to study my Ph.D. at that university.

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