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The era connecting the Reconstruction Act of 1867,  help to set the stage for what was to come. The majority of the southern states in America, where many White Americans and Non-American Caucasians excused and endorsed endless brutality against countless numbers of Black Americans during the Jim Crow period and so forth. Those that were victims of numerous lynchings throughout the South often times were found innocent after further investigation was performed. Various Black Americans were put to death for merely attempting to escape deplorable living conditions, hunger, inequality, health complication, and just honestly not being able to find work. In the south, multiple Black Americans had to pay dearly if someone of Caucasian descent even accused them of anything from stealing to flirting with a person of another race or Caucasian descent. Often the alleged infractions that were placed on Black men and women most times didn’t have any witnesses in sight. They weren’t even presented the choice of having a council or a legitimate legal trial to clear them of any wrongdoing they were accused of during that period. Many of these brutal crimes were “allowable actions of racial power and control”, this was sadly considered a norm in American culture. The anti-lynching movement reached its end between the 1890s and 1930s. This particular group of Black Americans worked very hard to try to convince several legislators that these were heinous crimes committed by White Americans with little or no repercussions.  Anti-lynching crusaders fought a magnificent fight in order to have a law implemented to prevent this terrible crime from occurring. Several remarkable women of color such as Ida B. Wells and Mary Burnett just name a few undoubtedly helped to contribute to this sort of punishment to be abolished throughout America. This was a big victory for countless men of color to not be put to death because of an untruth told by white women in order to evade the persecution of the townspeople or white society if she was discovered being too friendly, intimate, or in fall love with a man of color. 

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