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new FMIS that the company is about to use will be beneficial to farmers so that
they can make the farm more profitable and productive. The software enables farmers
to plan, monitor and analyze all activities on the farm. The main purpose
of the software is to manage all the activities easily on the farm.

software that the company is about to use is very powerful, as it saves time,
money, and makes record – keeping easy accessible. In addition, the software
includes vast number of functionalities. It provides users with significant functions
that include managing tillage, planting, crop protection, fertilization, irrigation
and harvesting etc. Moreover, another key feature of the software is it’s able
to notify farmers about the disease so that they can immediately take action to
protect crops on time.

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management is another important function of the software, it generates
automatically order of the day and schedules which are related to animal
records such as pregnancy test, hoof trimming, body condition test etc. For
example, it might show the reminder about “checking
right rear hoof as last time had a bit of foot rot that was cut out” etc. Storing
all the important events, it reminds workers what need to be done, and prevents
workers to miss any important tasks.

mentioned earlier, the farm has been raising not only chickens but also goats
and cows, there is a function called production of milk. It allows farmers to
get accurate information about milk production related to goats and cows.

The software can be run
on both PCs and mobile based applications supporting IOS, Android etc. All the
records are stored in one location, where farmers can access from home or
office from any device. Key functions of the software that associated with chickens, cows and goats are:

Tracks chicken,
cow and goat inventories and production events.

Supports complete
breeding and pregnancy records.

Allows farmers to
measure overall performance.

Manages health of
cows and goats and their treatments.

There is no doubt that the health of the animals is
very important to the business as it’s the main source of the business to the
company. If animals are sick or injured and farmers are
not aware of that, the health of animal might get worst and it would be difficult
to sustain them in the future.

From this point, the software consolidates chickens’,
cows’ and goats’ health and maintenance records into one list so that the
farmers are able to access it whenever they need it. With all the saved
records, the farmers know exactly about animals’ health and when needed they
inform to emergencies.

addition, the software has weight tracking function which notifies farmers
about weight of animals including birth and weaning by recording all the information
to the database. It provides farmers with information when animals need to be
fed, which animal is gained sufficient weight, and which is gaining slowly.

crops management function. The software controls all the parts of the field
including condition of crops, planting, records of spray and harvest etc., by
providing real-time information so that decisions can be made properly.

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