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The Malaysia Government plays an important role towards national development. A whole range of plans and schemes have been carried out by the Government in the effort of achieving Vision 2020. It is predicted that Malaysia hopes to establish a self-sufficient industrialized country developed in all aspects, mainly in economy, political, social and administrative. Among the Government initiatives includes the implementation of New Economy Policy(1970-1990), National Vision Policy(1991-2000) and Government Transformation Program(2010-2020)The New Economy Policy(NEP) was introduced in 1970 with the ambition to modernize the rural life, to raise productivity and income for those in low productivity occupation and to create commercial and industrial community in all categories of operation. The policy has a total of five Malaysia plans, each lasted for four years with each having a different target to achieve the policy’s main objective. By the year 1990, Malaysia achieved an annual GDP growth of 7.1%, a rapid drop of unemployment rate from 7.7% in 1970 to 5.1% in 1990 and the transformation from agriculture to manufacturing sector.Fast forward, the National Vision Policy(NVP) was carried out from 2000 to 2010. Its objectives includes increasing dynamism of the services, manufacturing and agriculture sector through education, fulfilling equity ownership and Bumiputera participation of at least 30% by 2010 and transforming Malaysia into a knowledge-based economy. The results proved to be successful, gaining a steady economy growth and enhancing competitiveness between sectors.In 2010, the Government Transformation Program was implemented as the last resort to achieve Vision 2020. The Government has come up with 7 National Key Result Areas(NKRAs) and Ministerial Key Result Areas(MKRAs) that mainly focus on its delivery system and fulfilling the citizen’s needs. This program has been divided into 3 horizons, each with their own objectives. Upon the completion of GTP 1.0 and GTP 2.0, street crime rates has been reduced by 39.7% in 2011, the justice system, rehabilitation centers and public satisfaction of police services have improved and the improvement of police communication.

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