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The following recommendations are being
made for appropriate consideration

and action:

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l This is another jail where there is considerable
overcrowding, mainly because of the lack of space and a constant increase in
the number of inmates.

l The jail has an official capacity of keeping 8
women prisoners. However, 41 prisoners are lodged here at present. This is more
than five times the original capacity. This is the basic reason for
numerous issues that relate to resources and appropriation.

l Providing additional cells and barracks can
solve some of the problems related to overcrowding and inadequate space.

l The number of Toilets and Bathrooms need to be
increased. This will automatically improve the level of hygiene.

l There are two toilets within the barracks which
are supposed to be used at night – the walls of these toilets are very low and
do not allow for any privacy to the individual.

l Also, all the toilets and bathrooms need to be
restructured and modified on modern lines, with better flush and drainage

l Besides this particular building requires
immediate attention. Repairs, Renovation and Reconstruction in terms of
flooring, whitewashing, electric wiring and drainage facilities need to be
upgraded and made more efficient in their functioning.


l At present there are only two children on the
premises. The special needs of the children should be considered and adequate arrangements
for their education and play be made.

l Also, the diet for the children needs to be

Medical Facilities

l A Lady doctor, appointed as a permanent member of
the jail staff is recommended.

l The jail hospital can have a separate medical
female ward, in which one female doctor and two female nurses could be
appointed to look after the female inmates and their health concerns.

l A female counselor is imperative and can be
associated with the inmates so that they can be motivated to introspect and
change their attitudes and behaviour.

Physical Exercise

l Most of the inmates are in the age group where
they need to be cautious of their health and hence need some exercise. Some
provision like morning P.T./drill/yoga can be made a part of their jail
routine. There can also be some outdoor games to keep them physically fit and
this will also help them to deal with their mental stress as well.

l A Psychiatrist from the hospital can also
be attached to the jail, who can then work as a consultant and help the women
to deal with their metal traumas and anguish.

A Woman Counselor is essential for the
Jail inmates. This is imperative for the mental health
of the prisoners. It will also enable them to come to terms with their criminal
behaviour and their situation in life and gradually bring attitudinal and behavioural

Isolation of Convicts

The convicts serving the imprisonment
for heinous crimes and offences like drug trafficking and flesh trade, or
multiple murders, must be separated from the under-trials and younger women, as
they can lure the other inmates towards these serious crimes and may be a
negative influence on others.

Speedy Redressal of Under-trials

l Minor, petty cases must be disposed off at the

l The justice system should attempt time-bound
decisions for the women offenders, so that their children and families do not
undergo undue hardships.

l Sometimes, when the cases go on for years, the
inmate tends to serve more punishment than her sentence.

l Since women play a very central role in nurturing
and caring for the children, once she is in jail, the children become the
suffers and victims of the situation. A Timebound justice system or Special
Courts with a sensitized woman Judiciary should be evolved.


Awareness regarding Rights and Duties

l The inmates of the jail should be made aware of
their rights and duties. Some NGO’s and other voluntary organizations can be
involved in this as well.

l A list of the rights and duties of the prisoners
must be displayed at various places within the jail campus to generate


Restricted Movement may be permitted

The female inmates of the jail are not allowed to
visit the Gurudwara, library, canteen or the hospital, which are located within
the jail premises. Some methods may be evolved to enable them to access these
facilities. Certain days and hours can be fixed to facilitate this kind of
restricted movement.

l The library can be improved and books and reading
material made available to the women. Newspapers in the local language should
be sent to the women section.

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